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Possible to record git + bass along with drums?


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Hi there,

I watched several videos on YouTube that featured the Line6 JM4 Looper and I have a good feeling about this looper because it fits pretty much to my ideas of practicing and hopefully recording stuff :-)

I have some questions:

1. nowadays you'll normally get 16 or 32 GB SD-cards for a "normal" price. 2 GB is pretty much outdated and therefore expensive - is there an upgrade available to the JM4 hardware/bios so i could use any SD-card bigger than 2 GB?


2. I am a guitar player in a metal band. I'd like to record "songs" with the JM4 and save them as WAV files to my computer and than share the songs with my band via Dropbox:
=> Is it possible to save my recordings along with the drums-samples that are stored on the JM4? Or does it only save MY recordings/loops (means: everything i record WITHOUT drums)?

3. I want to record loop 1 = rythm guitar, loop 2 = BASS guitar, loop 3 = solo guitar und save all INCLUDING the JM4-owned drums to a WAV file that i can submit via USB to my PC (Win7 or Mac) ?

4. Can I change the instrument in between while recording the loops? That means changings the cable from guitar to bass-guitar..?

5. I read the JM4 has 24 minutes to record loops - is it enough to record guitar 1, guitar 2 solo and bass guitar?

6. Are the knobs are all really (still) made of plastic??? Or are they upgraded in between / made of metal (which would be nice for use outside the living-room ;-)  ?


Thanks a lot for your reply!



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Hello Nuckel,



SD card, you are stuck at 2GB, I just use old micro SD card from a mobile phone in a large SD adapter. You don't need any more space than that really as you just move songs them from the card to the PC as wav files. So you only need 1 card.



When you save the wav files, it saves everything, drums, backing and loops. Nothing is missed off.



Yes, as per no.2



Yes, but if you change while in record mode you will hear the jack being removed/inserted etc. Best to change instruments while the loop is in Playback mode, then hit record after you have changed instrument.



I think it has 33 minutes of record time. This is not 33 minutes in total record time as you are thinking, it's much more. If your loop is 3 minutes long, all additional loops "within that 3 minute loop" are included in the 3 minutes. I am sure its unlimited overdub loops? So you have space for 11, 3 minute songs including all loops/instruments etc. So you can record an album on there before the need to move songs to the PC.



The stomp switches are all metal, and the body is some sort of metal type stuff? very robust anyway, it will take something to damage it.


I have a JM4 but have an issue with the volume output "I've put a post on here" but no one has responded to it yet. I would check out any problems the JM4 might have before you buy one. Apart from the volume problem I now have, the JM4 is/was excellent. I only used it for the looper/backing track function but I have now just bought a Digitech JamMan solo and boxed up the JM4. I will probably put it on eBay as it is still usable as a stand alone unit.




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