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Spider Valve HD100 (not a MKII) and an FBV Longboard - Compatico?

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Hello All!

SO I have been looking for articles and threads about these 2 specific items

- I recently bought the Spider Valve HD100 (not a MKII) Head, a Spider Valve 412VS 4x12 Celestion cab, and an FBV Longboard for the trifecta!

The head and cab sound amazing... but the long board doesn't power up... except the volume pedal - that works. Tried different cables, same result.  What gives? Did I just fry the board by plugging it in? Has anyone seen this issue and knows of a fix... is there maybe a magic pin-out hack?  Would greatly appreciate any help - or advice

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Is it the gigantic FBV with the green display or the older one with the numeric red one? There were two "long boards" and sometimes people get them confused. But its possible that the wrong cable was plugged in - I think the bad one is called a "cross over" where the plug is the same but the wiring is different and it sends juice to the wrong pin and it usually fries something.


The FBV/FBX Green display usually works with most of the new stuff - though some buttons have no function. The old Red (basically old Pod 2 digit) one is for the old V1 - 1st version V2 pods.



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It is the Gigantic one - it actually says "FBV" (2 pedals) and it would have the green display if it powered up more than just the volume pedal. I tried a completely differnt Cat6e cable and it did the same thing... do I need said "crossover" cable? ... or to take it apart and replace fryed stuff?

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