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Grouping channels to single volume control

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Here you go:


To create a Group encoder:


1.  Double-press any unassigned hardware encoder. - The Select Channels For Group Encoder window will open, displaying all channels available for grouping.

2.  Tap the channel icons you’d like to include in the GroupName the Group in the Group Name field, then tap the blue OK button. -


A Group controller strip will appear in the M20d stage view, automatically assigned to the hardware encoder you originally double-pressed. Now you can adjust all 3 channels with the one Group encoder.

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davec69 is indeed correct...


To CREATE a group encoder;

In SETUP screen, double click the hardware rotary knob corresponding to an empty slot in your channel strip.

The channel strip contains up to 12 slots (2 rows of 6) and each corresponds to one of the rotary hardware encoders. An unassigned encoder will not have any colouring.

Double clicking the encoder throws up the "Select Channels For Group Encoder" popup

Select which of the FX channels and input channels you wish to assign to the group.

Name the group (if required)

Click OK to save.



This thread covers editing and removing the encoders just for your reference, and a couple of screen grabs.

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