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Using two instances of FBV Express MKII as midi controller in Ableton?


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Is this possible ?


I want to control Ableton Live with two intances and i am wondering whether the FBV editing software, as well as Live itself, will be able to differenciate the two.


Apologies if this has already been discussed.





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I seearched the manual (yes, should have done that before posting, uh?) and it says this :


"Note that this does not affect how the Line 6 FBV application launches when your FBV MkII device
is connected - It will automatically display the GUI for the connected FBV device type. Further, if
you have more than one FBV MkII device type connected to your computer at the same time, such as
both a Shortboard and Express MkII, then you’ll be prompted to select which you want the Line 6 FBV
Control application to work with (so go ahead and buy a few FBV units if you like!)."


But i would really appreciated that someone confirm this, still doubting a bit ....




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Hey so, sorry to thread necro, but I cannot find this anywhere else - I'm looking for a very similar setup and was wondering if anyone could confirm this before I pull the trigger on a second one.


I'll be using both express foot pedals into a daw (cantabile), one that I currently use on my keyboard rig, and one that I intend to buy to replace my too-large guitar pedal controller.  I am perfectly fine with mapping them to different midi numbers, which I figure will be necessary. 


The Express mk ii is a really underrated midi controller.  I was a little worried about the endurance of the switches, but one of the things I use mine for is a damper pedal, which gets toggled hundreds of times a night twice a week, and it's been a champ. 

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Well, after a blue screen of death right into the middle of a live looping set, (i repeated the thing at home to be sure, it is the Express MKII x2 that caused it) i decided that

those were not for me to use with Ableton Live in a live situation. So i sold them with no regrets. Plus, one unit was a bit squeaking when moving the pedal, annoying.

Otherwise, that's too bad, it is a well featured controller !


Personally, no more computers during a live. Just too unreliable ...


Hardware all the way ...



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I hear you man.  I've had great luck with it, but I always have backups on backups.  Right now my keyboard rig is all software, and I have a complete backup rig (computer, keyboard controller, sound card, the works) at every gig.  Right now I'm using a Helix Floor for my guitar sounds, but because of some quirks of our stage layout, and having to set up and break down every show, it adds a LOT of set up time and work. 


I'm gonna give going software for the guitar rig as well.... With a Helix on hand in case!


But yeah, you're pretty sure that the ex mk ii's were the problem?  That's disappointing.  There's not a lot of other pedals that accomplish what I need in such a compact form.  

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