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Which generation of amp models in Spider IV

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Hi, all. I'm looking at the Spider IV, most likely the head, and wondering how recent/advanced are the models? Are they the latest HD500 models or older X3 technology (though that'd still be a step up from the XT Live i have now).


P.S. While we're at it, how does it do with hard rock/metal -- not the extreme stuff; more like Tool, Chevelle, etc.?

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The most-recent update for the Spider IV is about 4 years old now.  The amp models are different than the HD500. 


I have heard (I'm not a metal head) that the Spider is not ideal for this type of sound as the gain/distortion models aren't what' sneeded.  But I'd suggest trying an amp out for yourself - eveyone likes different tones, and much depends on the guitar(s) you use, too.

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