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G70 looses all SCENE configurations


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I'm not sure what the conditions for my G70 loosing all it's SCENE configurations, but i has happened a number of times to me.  Fortunately I only have two configured... if I had more than this it would be a major worry before a gig if it lost the config... Is this happening to other users?  and if so, do you know why and what to do to stop it happening?


Many thanks

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I know it's almost a year since the OP....but this happened to me today...during a session!
I had 5 scenes for 3 different guitars, and they all disappeared, leaving only the original "scene 1".

I tried Line 6 customer support today, and neither the girl, nor whoever she spoke to, had any answers. I was told to return it to the store (??)

This is a serious glitch, if that's what it is, good grief.

Anyone that happens along and has any ideas, please email me cheers!

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