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  1. What cable are you using to connect the G10 or G30 receiver to your amp? Shorter is better and something made with mogami or equivalent will be even better, And seriously you are looking at entry level wireless and wondering how much you have to spend? to give you some idea how good the G30 is as a deal, some of the transmitters used on Broadway shows are $3000 - $5000 each (without the receiver). Funny thing is the G30 will likely sound as good or better since it has flatter response and no compander.
  2. You can also use a DC-1g if you want to use 9V or many off the shelf 9V supplies with at least 350mA.
  3. You can set a scene for the Aux In and for the Bass via transmitter then just step on the button to switch between them.
  4. In good conditions with line of site (meaning your body or guitar is not blocking the transmitter) you should get 200 feet. This was walk tested outside many many times. From a practical standpoint I would expect 50 feet to pretty rock solid in most situations other than diving into a crowd or if there is a strong nearby interference.
  5. the display is not color, but the arrows on the display show if you are sharp or flat in addition to the needle position.
  6. It will depend on how your mains supplies for your amps are configured and connected to ground.
  7. The size was intentional so it would be harder for users to put another chassis right on top of the receiver in a rack and block the antennas.
  8. No the G70 and G75 use a newer radio design.
  9. is the transmitter on your back or in front behind the guitar? It would be better on your belt behind you or well off to the side.
  10. If you just want one or the other with the G70 or G75 you could use 2 transmitters keeping both on and switch between them using a single receiver. Program a scene for one and another for the other then step on the switch to go between them.
  11. Can you post a picture of how you have the antennas set up? Are the antennas in good shape? Ideally the antennas should be 45 degrees right and left like a set of rabbit ears. Assuming you do not have a laptop or a wireless hub on or in your rack, you should have significantly more than 10 feet of range. It is possible that your transmitter is not putting out enough power. Can you borrow another Relay or XD-V transmitter to test that? If not I would recommend contacting service.
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