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No Sound...?


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Help!  A speedy changeover at a festival yesterday, connected my HD500 using 4 cable method - plugged in, turned on...  Nothing....!  Ended up gigging straight into the amp.  Got home and tested all leads, amp effects loop etc - they're all fine.  Then tried HD500 with headphones - strong signal coming through...!  So the HD appears to be working - all leads are ok - amp loop is still a poss weak link but it's a Dual Rec, built like a tank, never had dramas with it...

Any ideas??

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Seems like your under a process of elimination. Try another pedal or rack effect thru the power amp to rule out your first suspect.

Oh you did that. The FX loop on the HD has a send and return level. Could be that. and double check the cabling again is all I can think of.

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