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Mark II FBV Shortboard Help - Editing 'User' Presets

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Hello there.

I just bought a Spider IV 120 amp because of a Mark II FBV Shortboard I purchased (it didn't work with my Spider II). I just want to make channel A a clean (green) channel while channel B is the insane (green) channel. However, I'm not sure how to edit the 'User' presets that are shown on my amplifier. I downloaded the FBV software and it is perplexing to me. I see the A, B, C, D controls, but I don't know how to edit the instruments.

Also, on the software, it doesn't show anything on the shortboard (nothing on the display), so I'm wondering if it's even reading my device? My computer (Windows 7 32-bit) said it successfully installed the drivers. On the shortboard, it says "CH 1 CC 7 VAL 0"

Any help on editing the 'User' presents would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


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