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Use Podhd To Pan Two Acoustic Guitars. Can't Be Done Without Adding Amps?!

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OK, simple scenario.


-Two acoustics; one plugged into 'guitar in'; one plugged into AUX in.

-Add two clean amps and BINGO: guitar 1 comes out of left speaker; guitar 2 come out of right speaker. Everything's OK.


What's the problem?


In this application I don't want any amp modelling, and when I disable the modeled amps, now guitar 1 is in both speakers and guitar two is in both speakers.


This is extremely frustrating and has been driving me crazy!


All i have is a little reverb at the end of the chain.


PLEASE can someone help me!

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Sure, it can be done. You just have to create a dual tone with Path 1 and 2 completely separated and hard panned at the mixer block. I'd start off with something like this. Just don't put anything in the amp blocks.


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Thanks. Tried you suggestion and it worked.


Thing is when i move the blank effects blocks back into the 'single' pre-amp tone path, I was still getting a panned output. I could no longer replicate the problem...



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