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No Sound from MIDI Memo Recorder on iPad 3 under iOS 7.1.1


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I have just purchased a line6 MobileKeys49 keyboard, which I would like to use with LMMS in UbuntuStudio.  Since this has proven far more complex than I imagined, I am trying to verify that the keyboard works by using my iPad, since this appears to be the simplest use case, according to the manual.  I proceeded as follows:

  1. installed MIDI Memo Recorder from the AppStore
  2. connected the MobileKeys49 keyboard
  3. accepted the displayed prompt to update the firmware
  4. When the success notice appeared, I clicked OK, *before* disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard
  5. Only afterwards, when things did not work as expected, did I find the FAQ stating that the reconnection should take place before clicking OK.  If the sequence is important, this belongs in the text of the dialog, not just in the FAQ.
  6. Since neither MIDI Memo Recorder nor line6 Monkey (running under Windows 8.1) asks me to update the firmware, I assume that the firmware upgrade was successful.
  7. MIDI Memo Recorder appears to record successfully, i.e. when I click the record button and press keys on the keyboard, hex bytecodes appear in the editor window.
  8. However, when I click the play button, I see the progress of the playback in the timeline widget, but I don't hear anything.

How can I hear what I am playing on the keyboard, or what I have recorded in MIDI Memo Recorder?


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What are you using as the sound module? The MobileKeys does not produce sound; it simply sends the midi information, which seems to be recording correctly. On playback you need to be routing the midi info to a sound generator, either a physical external device or more likely a software synthesizer as a 'plugin' to your recording program.

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