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AMPLIFi TT/FX100 Firmware 2.50.2 and app v2.50.0 improves Bluetooth stability; adds "Assign to Pedal" feature


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AMPLIFi Firmware 2.50.2 is a free firmware update that includes fixes and optimizations, particularly regarding Bluetooth connectivity. It is highly recommended that all AMPLIFi users perform this update!

AMPLIFi Remote 2.13 or greater is required for use with this firmware, but we highly suggest updating the app to v2.50.0 for the additional bug fixes and features shown below. Please update your AMPLIFi remote app on iOS or Android before upgrading to this version of firmware.

The easiest way to perform the firmware update process is by installing the latest version of Line 6 Updater. Once you've connected AMPLIFi to your computer via USB port (hubs are not supported), Line 6 Updater will recognize the unit and take you through the update process. PC users will need to install the AMPLIFi device driver. The Line 6 Updater application and drivers may be downloaded here:

New Feature:
"Assign to Pedal" support allows you to use the built-in pedal on FBV Shortboard and FBV Express to control parameters assigned to the FX Knob. These parameters are assigned by pressing and holding the desired parameter in the AMPLIFi Remote app.


Bug Fixes:
-Improved Bluetooth connection stability and reconnect behavior
-Other minor bug fixes and optimizations


AMPLIFi Remote v2.50.0 provides:


- Support for iOS 9
- New workflow for faster and more intuitive navigation (legacy workflow also available by turning off “Use Tabbed Navigation” in the Settings view)
- AMPLIFi Watch app now provides access to all tone types, as well as control over drive, bass, mid, treble, fx mix, and reverb mix parameters
- Support for iOS 9 split-screen multitasking (iPad only)
- Enhanced signal flow editor
- Unified and intuitive menu for saving tones to any location
- Fast access to master and guitar output levels from any view

- Adds support for FX Tweak to Pedal assignment, which will be available with a future AMPLIFi firmware update
- Various bug fixes


Thank you for all your support and patience!

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