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UX2 Line6 usb not recognized


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I have a problem with my line6 ux2 gear when i try to connect the devise with the computer the devise is not recognized . now i am running win10 but i had the same problem with win7 suddenly out of nowhere could find the usb device .

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I just had the same problem. I hooked up my UX2 to my Windows 10 laptop and nothing happened no lights at all. so I unplugged it and opened monkey then installed the driver then plugged it in and still nothing even though I thought I waited long enough for the driver to install. Then I opened monkey and it registered and the UX2 came alive. Then I made sure I ran the license manager. It works now.

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Thanx 4 your reply but i think i already have done all , can u tell me more specificate about the the monkey and the licenced manager

Your Welcome.


Without the UX2's USB connected to your computer, open Monkey and in the pop up select UX2. Monkey should open up and now monkey will look for updates dor the UX2 even though your UX2 isn't connected.


Now make sure the drivers is sected by clicking on it and then click the Update button. After it downloads or directs you to the download page install the drivers. If you get a pop up asking you to allow the installation click allow in order for the installation to successfully install.


After the installation is fone you should be able to plug in your UX2, wait about 30 seconds and open Monkey to see if it registers. That's what I did.


I hope that helps


Added: After installing the driver and while Monkey is open click the other tab and click on License Manager. This is to make sure your computer and UX2 are authorized. You'll need to sign in again like you did with Monkey.


Sorry for the broken up response as I got busy while doing this post, lol.

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