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Check out my new preset and IR's


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There are two versions one is with factory cabs the other is with my custom IR I made with MixIR2 (from Redwires) from free IR's I found around the web. you have to put the one named GHK.wav (my fav) at Impulse #035 in your HELIX app.


the preset is called Clean, Dirt, Metal and you have a clean tone a rock tone and a metal tone all in one preset... let me know if you like it or not.


I used a Charvel Desolation with EMG 81 bridge pickup and 2 L2M's with the L6 Link to my Helix...

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Sounds good, the one with the GHK IR is remarkably better.


Just wondering... Where do the TBmix and Kmix IRs you've got in that zip come from?

There are a bunch of free rewirez IR's that I found plus other ones that were given out on the gear page by a dude named freeman also so more I found by just doing a Google search. The GKH I R is some that was called guitar hack or something like that and a keeper cabinet that someone gave out that they made from the keeper the other ones I'm not sure I just was dragging and dropping stuff from that folder into the MixIR2 program. Well running a loop of a little rhythm I was doing.

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