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100 Presets found


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If anyone can't find the 100 presets, like me until about an hour ago, here's the bit they missed from the manual etc.


1. You need to be up to date with latest firmware on the Amp, and latest version of the Remote App.

2 . You need to have your Amp and App paired, so the App says "connected" and the Bluetooth light on the Amp is steady rather than flashing.

3. On the App, go to the "tones" page (select "tones" from the bottom menu items).

4. on the Tones page, on the top menu bar, you should see your "Amplifi" in the right hand box - select this.

5. Eurika, there they are. Select away and play, and save as you wish to "my tones" etc etc.


The key bit is you can't see the 100 presets in the App, unless you are paired up with the Amp. Had me stumped for ages.


Now, how do I do all that with my FBV Shortboard????


Happy playing.



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The reason why you can't see the presets without being connected to the amp is because the presets are all stored on the amp itself.


To cycle through the presets with the FBV Shortboard (which does not require the app at all), simply press the Up/Down buttons on the Shortboard to move through the banks (the display will show you which bank you are on) and then press either the A/B/C/D buttons to select the corresponding preset.

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