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FBV Control app

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I bought the Express unit and immediately had a problem--my intent was to use it as a MIDI controller for Ableton Live.  I bought a brand-new HP Laptop quad (HP's top of the line).  After much troubleshooting on my own I came across note which states that they haven't created a version of the Control Application which works with Windows 10.  What is this?  Windows 10 has been out for so long ... what is taking so long to get up to snuff here?  Finally I just downloaded the version of the Control Application for Windows 8 and it appears to be working.  But my complaint is that I should not have had to wade through mounds of online stuff and the manual, only to find out (on my own), that I could do this.  Oh, and by the way, waiting four days for support to get back to the user is simply unacceptable these days--hey, four days???  Listen Line 6, you've got a superior product but if you guys don't get with the program and start focusing on your customers, you're gonna' lose us!  You're not the only game in town!  Please listen to what I'm saying Line 6 ... I spent 23 years in technical support as senior help desk supervisor.  Four days only to find that you guys are just too lazy and you don't have the time to type a small single note on the website to notify the customer that they can simply use a different version of the software?  Please?  I'm asking nicely ... and I spent a fair amount of time (on your behalf) typing this up ... the same thing so many of your customers are talking about ... or don't you pay any attention to your customers?

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The answer was in rtichenberg's reply:

On the downloads page search for Win8 instead of WIn10 software.

Scroll down a bit and the FBV Control app is there and works as intended.


Really Line 6, this shouldn't be so hard to find.

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