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Just starting out...multiple problems

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So, I've had my FBV Express MKII for over a month and finally had the time to unbox it and get started.  I downloaded what I thought was the correct software (version 1.71) from the Line 6 website, and here's what happened: when I launch the software it asks me "which Line 6 device" I want to configure and when I click on the drop-down menu...the FBV is not listed!?  Also, in the manual it says "connect the FBV to your computer using a standard USB cable".  Uh, don't think so.  A "standard" USB cable normally has the same fittings on both ends.  The one required for this connection looks more like a printer cable.  Btw, that's what I used to connect the FBV to my laptop...the cable that came with my printer.  It fit just fine but obviously there is something wrong here. Is it wrong software, wrong cable, operator error or all three?

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No, right software (I assume this is Line 6 Monkey), correct cable.  Make sure you have your firewall turned off, any anti-virus turned off and see if this lets Monkey 'see' the FBV.


I had problems with my computer I was using at the time (running an old Windows version), but was able to use another computer to d/l and install the updates.

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Download the 'Spider Edit' software, this is how to transfer tones from CustomTones - you download, then 'drag and drop' them into the amp using Edit.


Is this the same as the FBV control software?  If it is, that's a no-go because there is no windows 10 version.

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Ok, based on your info I went back to the downloads list and there is in fact a version of Spider IV Edit which will work with Windows 10.  I guess the confusing part for me was that I assumed any other software I needed to fully use my FBV would be embedded in Monkey but it appears that's not the case.  So, just to make sure I got it now...


Line 6 Monkey - used to update pedal firmware only

Spider IV edit - used to download Custom Tones

FBV Controller - used with MIDI controls but not necessary for "normal" usage


Thanks for the help.

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