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DT25 + POD HD Desktop

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Hi guys,


I recently had to sell my Spider Valve HD100 and my Line 6 Cabinet when moving to another country. 


I have a POD HD Desktop and a FVB Shortboard with me right now and I'm considering to buy a DT 25 cause I've seen good reviews of this unit.


Question is, does the POD HD desktop could be connected to this unit with the XLR L6 Link? 


When do you think Line6 will announce new amps? I just checked that they changed the DT50 to legacy products and won't be manufacturing them anymore.


Kind regards ! 



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No link in the desktop. I use this setup quite a bit. Power amp in and stick with Class AB NFL3 Pentode...I have the DT-25 head and cab and use it with BOSS pedals on it and a channel switch...

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