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Questions Regarding Shortboard/express Mkii

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Hi, I am about to purchase a shortboard or a couple of express'.


On the FBV Shortboard can I freely assign an EXTERNAL expression pedal to a midi CC to control my DAW? I have a Roland EV-5, is this compatible?




Can I use 2 FBV Express' simultaneously with a DAW and have different CC's assigned to each?


Thank you so much to anyone who can help me out, I've scowered the internet but couldn't find answers...And I can't contact Line 6 directly as I own none of their products...yet


Many thanks,

E Ray

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Hi, I don't have exact experience of what you're describing(wouldn't hurt to name your daw) , but I have been mapping my new shortboard mkII to pod farm commands , also My KB37 to cubase thanks to help I've had here, I think you should be good.


I can say this much- the shortboard allows the line 6 EX1 pedal to be plugged in, and the roland EV5 has been mentioned on this forum as a suitable alternative. I have just attempted to map a couple of switches from shortboard mk II to cubase generic remote, but wasn't successful, this doesn't mean it cant be done, though. 

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Oh, be sure to download the shortboard manual , also the fbv software, which contains a help section. On the subject of fbv's the shortboard is all metal, and the express is plastic underneath, I returned it straight away, hope this helps, Tom.

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