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  1. Hi, I had a similar experience with a new Pod HD300 compared with my original pod 2.0. I brought my own headphones pod and guitar plus leads and spent 30 minutes A/B ' ing all the high gain sounds, and nothing had what my original pod has. It sounded a little clinical/sterile by comparison. I am happy with pod farm, though, spinal puppet plus parametric eq is xxxxing awsome!
  2. I also have slow switching on my Shortboard II , just so you know your switch is probably not faulty . At first I thought it was just my system (crappy acer aspire one with extra monitor attached) now I'm realizing its a little of both.. I hope it's not this slow through the rj45 cable into any amp or pod, could anyone confirm? I'll get rid of it if it can't do that well too... shame really , love the pod farm tones, would like to be able to use them live.
  3. Oh, be sure to download the shortboard manual , also the fbv software, which contains a help section. On the subject of fbv's the shortboard is all metal, and the express is plastic underneath, I returned it straight away, hope this helps, Tom.
  4. Hi, I don't have exact experience of what you're describing(wouldn't hurt to name your daw) , but I have been mapping my new shortboard mkII to pod farm commands , also My KB37 to cubase thanks to help I've had here, I think you should be good. I can say this much- the shortboard allows the line 6 EX1 pedal to be plugged in, and the roland EV5 has been mentioned on this forum as a suitable alternative. I have just attempted to map a couple of switches from shortboard mk II to cubase generic remote, but wasn't successful, this doesn't mean it cant be done, though.
  5. Hi, it did the trick! I think I was maybe confused about selecting switch types too. I've already mapped most of the transport buttons, I see what I need the 4 rotary knobs for later. I've just got a shortboard mkII as well, so I'm feeling fairly stoked now, Cheers,Tom.
  6. Hi, I'd really like to know if anybody has had any joy with the above combination (tried the Steinberg forum too)... I've had some luck with the transport commands in Reason for digidesign ( an old M-Box cd ) so I know I have Midi signal, and my cubase transport bar shows midi in when I press any transport keys, so I know I'm connected at least. I've been checking out the manuals of course, Line6 and Cubase, but still no joy. I'm assuming midi is midi ,and you could map the KB37 to any DAW if you know what you are doing. If someone could even confirm or deny this that would also help, Thanks in advance, Tom.
  7. Hi,I'm not at all familiar with apple computers, but if your built in mic,in the computer, I assume you mean is recording, maybe you have to look at computer audio preferences, in windows at least, you can choose default devices for playback, recording, etc. If you try disabling the mic, and see what other options are close by.. you have my sympathies, I hate when this stuff doesn't just work!
  8. Hi, this question might be a little old now, but anyway, C1 can be found on the left most key, when the octave select button is set to -1(minus one). I have verified this through comparisons with general drum maps, so C4 ,middleC, should be at the leftmost key with the octave select at zero(green led lit). Tom.
  9. Wow, quick response,thanks for the clear answers, I'll be sure to pass on some help here when I'm up and running,Tom.
  10. Hi, I am new to this forum, although not to Line 6, my pod beats my mesa dual rec for good tone at reasonable volumes... Anyhow, I'm after a KB37 now, I feel it would be the answer to a good portable computer recording setup,and have a couple of fundamental questions, as it will replace my pod 2.0 if I buy it. 1 - The Latency Killing Tonedirect Monitoring... is the tone hardware based i.e. is it generated/contained in the KB37,as it is in my Pod, and merely controlled from the computer, or is it contained in the software,like pod farm(i'm aware pod farm is shipped with it, too), and output from the computer to the KB37? In short, is there a pod inside the KB37? 2- Are there any keyboard,synth or drum sounds contained inside the KB37(is it also a sound module)? I have seen it described as a midi keyboard, and also a midi controller, google hasn't helped me with these questions, so I'm turning to anybody here for help,and thanks in advance, Tom. P.S. I have seen a KB37 for sale with no discs, and the advertiser reckons I could simply download everything from line6.com,no Problem.. Is he full of it, and doing this would be more hell than its worth, or could I really renew all the software here without any problems or extra cost? I would like my KB37 to be completely legitimate when I am done.
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