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Variax Standard Pickup Problem


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I have a Variax Standard Sunburst, and I run it through the POD X3 Live.

Occasionally the sound weakens and distorts.  The symptoms are that it might be just one string - sometimes the 4th, sometimes the 6th.  When striking a chord or playing a scale, that particular string "drops out."  You can hear it but much weaker than the others.  I tap on the floating bridge and get a raspy/crunchy sound. So I suspect the connection of the pickup transducer to the bridge is loose.


I have tried running the guitar using a standard guitar cable to an amp, same issue - so I'm pretty sure it's not the Variax cable or POD X3.


I took the back plates, inspected the electronics and the bridge from underneath, no obvious visual issues.


Has anyone experienced this? I am considering taking the strings off, removing and inspecting the bridge...

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You may have a dirty connection between the transducer and the bridge.  There is no ground wire so it relies on a connection directly between the transducer for each string and the bridge.  You can remove strings and try to clean it.  Replacement transducers  are available but must be soldered in.

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