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MK2 Express Update Needed to Save "My Tones"?

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I updated my Amplifi app and now it seems i get NO option to save "My tones" to the hardware (MK2 pedal). I only get options to "Save to My Tones", "Save as to My Tones", "Save to AMplifi", etc.  (which brings me to another issue - if i already have a tone saved in "My tones" WHYYYYY does it give me an option to "save to my tones" again ?) Grrrrr !! 


I just read on one thread that i should see "dots" in the upper right corner of the app that will give me an option to save to hardware...but..i have no dots. 


DO i need to update the Mk2 ?? Lord i hope not, but if so, how ?


Thanks in advance. 

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you cant save anything to the board.... its a dumb controller.... you are saving it to the amp... and controlling the amp with the board.

you're looking for something that doesn't exist... seems you have the right options.

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you don't you assign them to presets in the amp.. and the express will choose between the 4 presets in the current bank 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D for example....

with the express you cannot change banks though... you have to do that on the amp.

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