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4cm or FRFR?


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You will get a lot of opinions about what to do but the only way you will know is to try it yourself.


I was using a 5150 III 50 watt in 4CM and it worked great. I got tired of carrying the extra head and 2x12 cab and I had a great direct tone that I was using to practice at home.  Since I already had two monitors for vocals up front I bought one extra monitor so I could run my guitar in stereo in front of me (bonus!).  I also got a new digital mixer, XR18, that has no moving parts that need to get cleaned.  It also allowed me to have 6 separate monitor mixes.


I was noticing that with having 4 monitors total that there was a lot of bleed to FOH and it was impacting the sound.  I looked into using IEMs and subsequently went that direction.  I was also able to get my drummer to use IEMs and he has his own stereo feed.  We now only have two monitors on stage for the singer and bass player.


I highly recommend that you try before you buy if at all possible.  There are such a wide variety of powered speakers out there.  Take your Helix to the store and plug in to as many as they let you.


I also want to note that I run the sound for our band using a tablet attached to my mic stand.  I haven't relied on a soundman except for maybe 4 times over the last 3 years.  If I was to have a soundman I would just bring one or two of my own EV monitors and use them as the guitar amps for me.

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Yesterday I played my first gig with my Boss GT-1000 going direct to the mixer. I used an Alto TS310 as a personal monitor. On stage, I could hear myself well, and the comments I received is that my t9ne sounded great through the FOH.  It kept the sound man very happy as well.  


Prior to this gig, I always ran my my GT-1000 into the effects return of a combo amp which was then mic’d to FOH. I had my patches tuned for the tone I wanted through the combo, but untimately what the audience is hearing is what the mic picks up and then sends to the main PA, which isn’t necessarily the same thing I’m hearing directly from my amp.  I decided it was time to give direct-to-board a shot, figuring that if can get tone that I’m happy with through the FRFR, then I can be confident that the same tone will be projected to the audience.  It seems that it worked very well.   

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