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Wah and EQ


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Hi all, new on here, but long time XTLive owner and now proud Helix man!


Anyway, I have always loved the Kirk Hammett and Slash style wah, used a Vox Chrome for years and then the model of it on the XT. Generally happy with that, but given the flexibility of the Helix I now want more.


I know there are the custom versions out there, but does anyone have any tips for thickening a wah sound, maybe with a graphic eq before then turning that block on as the wah is engaged???


Thanks in advance



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On the Wah models themselves you can control the frequency sweeps to thicken up the way tone.  Lowering the high Fq will make it less shrill on the top end. Lowering the low and raising the high can make for some over the top was effects.  Play around with that, and see if you can get what you need before adding in extra blocks.  


But if you want to still use an EQ block in conjunction with the wah you can assign the eq and waH to turn on at the same time if you assign the EQ to EXP Toe.


Highlight the EQ >Press menu > press footswitch assign > scroll all the way right for EXP TOE

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2 wahs! Never thought of that!


The low and high cuts I have had a play with, but didn't get quite what I was looking for, but definitely worth experimenting with.


Been obsessed with Hammetts wah tone since I started playing! I love the model I am using as for me it's the best out of the bunch, but still lacks punch at both ends.

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