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    links to download presets

    Line 6 also has their Marketplace at https://shop.line6.com/marketplace/ but also search on YouTube and you'll find lots.
  2. malhavok

    Computer Needs?

    You don't need Native or any other interface to use Helix or to record. Helix is an interface. It's fine to use it with an interface if you prefer but you won't be able to do things like record the dry input signal for re-amping.
  3. malhavok

    Do Glenn DeLaune Helix patches ever go on sale?

    Hey Glenn, thanks for the shout out! <hat tip>
  4. malhavok

    Stop the hair!

    Hopefully you can see the attached image. The blue line is the "not hairy" mix while the red is the "hairy" mix. Do you happen to notice the "not hairy" mix has a huge peak at about 80-90hz then a steep roll off and basically nothing above 1k? That's why it sounds like there's a blanket over it. The "hairy" mix is similar, from 1k on down, but from 1k-5k it has a gigantic boost. Neither mix are a balanced frequency response by any means, but you may get "hairy" mix closer to the "not hairy" mix just by putting a lowpass filter at about 750hz.
  5. malhavok

    Marketplace Goals?

    I want two sandwiches. Hey, I gotta eat tomorrow, too!
  6. malhavok


    I haven't heard of crystal delay and a google search does not readily show any pedals named that. Can you explain more?
  7. malhavok

    Bank up and down question

    I understand the "don't know what songs until just before service" aspect of things! What I have done in this situation is have a setlist where all my song specific patches are in alphabetical order, but starting on bank 5. Then when I got the list, I could quickly scroll through to song 1, and copy to 1A, then scroll to song 2 and copy to 1B, etc. Then I'd have the 4-6 songs in order from 1A to 2B or whatever. Once you get this "trick" down, you can do a whole service's setlist in just 2-3 minutes of time.
  8. malhavok

    Bank up and down question

    There's no way to go from bank 1 to bank 12 other than clicking bank up eleven times. It's probably worth rearranging your set list to get your sounds closer together if that's possible for your use case. The editor on computer can help to re-order things quickly but you can also do it on the preset screen with one of the small knobs under the screen.
  9. malhavok

    Best Option for Fixed Interval Pitch Shift

    Yes, use Simple Pitch and set it to 100% mix. Do not assign any parameters to the snapshot controller.
  10. malhavok

    How to use the pitch shifter

    You would want the simple pitch block very first in the chain and set to 100% mix. Beware, results may vary.
  11. malhavok

    Confused about the use of Volume Pedal

    I have tried it. It gives me an identical sound at a different volume. I'm wondering if you accidentally have a mix param assigned to EXP or something.
  12. malhavok

    Confused about the use of Volume Pedal

    If you want an overall up/down with no tonal changes, put it at the very end. Any perceived change in "sound" is psychoacoustic. If you recorded it with volume at all different sweep positions and put it up on a scope, it would be the same for every volume level.
  13. malhavok

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    I keep the pad OFF at all times. I have tons of guitars and each sounds different. I like them that way.
  14. malhavok

    Phasey sounds particularly on Matchstick preset

    Sounds to me like it's probably the "ghost notes" or intermodulation distortion or whatever you want to call it (caused by the power amp's sag and exhibited by real amps as well). Vox-style amps (like the Matchless) are very prone to this sort of artifact.
  15. malhavok

    Map physicals output to presets?

    Yes, absolutely. You can have your guitar presets set to 1/4" and your other presets on XLR! They will switch at the press of a button.
  16. malhavok

    Is controlling two presets with a single foot-switch a "thing"?

    A patch and a preset are the same thing. 01A on your Helix is a patch/preset. 01B is a different patch/preset. Etc.
  17. I'm super happy with how well the dual guitar harmonies came out.
  18. malhavok

    Helix nails Iron Maiden with harmonies

    For sure. Yeah, the good ol' days. I still have my "Malhavok" site up with a few thousand free presets for the original red bean :)
  19. malhavok

    Helix nails Iron Maiden with harmonies

    You have no idea how hard I’ve tried!
  20. malhavok

    Helix nails Iron Maiden with harmonies

    Thanks, man! Taking requests is easy. It's fulfilling them that I probably don't have time for :( That said, what are you interested in?
  21. malhavok

    TriAxis 4CM and noise

    I tried out my Mesa Boogie TriAxis with 4CM and get an awful noise. We've gone through about twenty different troubleshooting ideas on the facebook group and haven't found a winner yet. Three solutions I was not yet able to try due to lack of availability: Isolated coupler Hum buster cable ISP Decimator Anyway, the TriAxis is a beast and sounds great regardless of the hum. I don't think I'll be taking it to any gigs like this, though.
  22. Any reasonable modern mixer is going to not color the tone in any noticeable way. You don't even have any equipment in your house that could measure the scientific difference in sound. A small mixer is a great addition to every home studio or practice space. Go for it!
  23. malhavok

    Helix FW 2.20 (The "Get Low" Update) OUT NOW

    I am more stoked than is probably reasonable for the Pearce models.
  24. malhavok

    MIDI Commands from a DAW

    I am a recovering SAW-family user. I was a die-hard for years. There was nothing else out there that could touch it. Alas, it did not keep up with the demands of the modern studio and is sorely lacking in many features. MIDI is one of those areas. If you are glued to SAW you are probably up the creek for set list selection via MIDI. When I couldn't deal with the extreme "1998 limitations" of SAW anymore, I researched and made the jump to REAPER. It is the modern equivalent of what SAW was for so many years. Extremely efficient (workflow- and CPU-wise) and is made with extreme care by a small group of dedicated engineers. Incidentally, it also has highly evolved everything including MIDI support. Definitely check it out if you are feeling the pinch of SAW. Sorry I don't have better news.