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  1. imbasman

    Helix LT Label

    There is nothing trademarked or copywritten in this so I can't see why anyone would object. then again it is an internet world.
  2. The Bass Player for Tony McAlpine uses a helix.
  3. imbasman

    Helix LT Label

    Hi all, This is for the LT only. The attached is a word file that contains a simple label of the connections on back. It fits on a single sheet of paper. There are two sections so you will have to cut them. The alignment is not 100% You can use either just adhesive paper or there is clear cellophane paper you could use as well but you will need to change the color of the icons. It is meant to fit on the slanted portion the LT between the top and the connections on the back. This way you should not have to lift the helix to find the connections. I tried export it as a PDF but word screwed up the alignment. If anyone cares to fix it and put it as a PDF please do so. I only ask you share with the group. This is preliminary for me. My Wife has a custom label designer called a Cricut which makes vinyl labels. I just made this as a template for that machine. The finished vinyl label will be white under normal conditions and will glow in the dark either blue or purple don't know which color yet. But should look cool. line6 helix LT.docx
  4. Silverhead thanks for the hint change to different port on amuse machine windows 10 and I can connect. LOL Microsoft has been around as long as Apple. But hey just don't have the compatibility down as well as Apple. I am assume the difference is apple is their hardware and software and windows is spread across some many different machines.
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