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I Need Advice On My Fcb Footpedal

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           I hope I'm not breaking any taboo here but I do use a Line 6 amp with a FCB footpedal. But I run a Vox Tonelab Desktop for my effects before the amp. I am getting some really great tones from this combination.

            The advice I'm needing is I need to know if anyone else besides me is using a Vox Tonelab Desktop? There is an input jack on the Vox Tonelab to plug in their recommended footboard which is basically a midi board. It is the same J-5 input jack which my Line 6 FCB footpedal uses to connect to my Line 6 amp. I was wondering if I can connect my Line 6 FCB pedal to my Vox Tonelab and use the FCB pedal as a midi pedal? I guess a secondary question would be what problems might you for see by doing this? 

Hope to get some feedback on this,


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