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Migration from old Pod Farm on PC to new Pod Farm on Mac

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A few years back I was working on a track in Ableton on a PC. 

I recorded dry guitars through Gear Box Stereo, then added Pod Farm as a VST for tones.


Now I am in a different country from that PC, I have a Mac and I have my old files.


I have opened the session, it tells me it can't find Pod Farm or GearBox .


I have deauthorized my old computer, authorised this one, downloaded a bunch of stuff (PodFarm 2.0. GearBox etc)


Ableton will see the folders with all those things in them but won't recognise any files, only folder names, so won't let me drag anything onto a track and still says it can't find Pod Farm or GearBox Stereo.


I try dragging the old .dll files from my windows hard drive across to the Mac but maybe these are Windows only .dll files, I don't know.


What are the steps I need to take to get my Mac Ableton to open up Pod Farm and play the old patches I had?

P.S. I don't have any of my line6 equipment with me, it's in another country, so Line6 Monkey doesn't want to hear about it.




Any help appreciated.

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