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Is there a list of the fixes somewhere that came in the new firmware?


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You mean this one, right above the download? 




Helix Application v1.11 Public Beta Release Notes


Helix Application 1.11 is a public beta that includes new fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations.





If you have already updated Helix or Helix Rack’s firmware to 1.10:


1. Install the 1.11 Public Beta Editor update, available at http://line6.com/software/Make sure the “Beta†box is checked, otherwise you won’t see 1.11.



If you have NOT already updated Helix/Helix Rack’s firmware to 1.10, please follow the instructions below:


1. Shut down all Line 6 software as well as any software that streams audio, including, but not limited to: iTunes, Spotify, DAWs, etc.


2. Use your CURRENT EXISTING Helix application to back up all of your presets and IRs. If you’re running Helix FW 1.06 or 1.06.5, your current Helix application version should be 1.04.


3. Quit the CURRENT EXISTING Helix application and download and install the NEW Helix application (1.11), available here: http://line6.com/software/ This also installs the newest version of Line 6 Updater (1.08).


4. If you’re using Helix Rack with Helix Control, turn off Helix Control.


5. Using the new Line 6 Updater (1.08), update Helix (or Helix Rack) to the newest firmware (1.10.0). If you’re using Helix Rack with Helix Control, after Helix Rack has been updated, connect and power on Helix Control, and it will update automatically.


6. Reset Helix’s global settings by holding footswitches 5 and 6 (top row) while booting. For Helix Rack, press and hold knobs 2 and 3 under the big LCD while booting.


7. Using the latest Helix application (1.11), restore all user presets and IRs.


Bug Fixes

- In some cases, when attempting to reload the same model for the selected Modulation, Delay, or IR block, the Helix application could quit - FIXED

- When two Cab > Single blocks are added after an amp and a Delay block is added after a Merge > Mixer block, the Helix application could quit - FIXED

- In some cases, it may be impossible to change a Preamp block’s model if another Preamp, Amp, or Amp+Cab block exists on a different path - FIXED

- In some cases, it could take several seconds to display parameters when selecting certain effects blocks - FIXED

- An Impulse Response > 2048-Sample IR block could still be added when Helix hardware could not accommodate it - FIXED

- The Helix application may not initially display Controller Assignment for Wah blocks - FIXED

- Wah blocks’ Position parameter was incorrectly labeled as “Pedal†- FIXED

- Editor displays the "assignments are full" error message after editing in Helix and Editor while both are in Command Center - FIXED

- General stability improvements

- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations


Other Improvements

- Split and Merge blocks now appear when rolling over with the mouse, making it easier to move them


Not Yet Implemented

- Customize scribble strip labels and LED colors

- Copy and paste blocks


Known Issues

- Helix Rack and the Helix application can lose connection after turning Helix Control off and on again while importing or exporting a bundle

- Graphics for Input > USB 3/4, USB 5/6, and USB 7/8 are missing

- Removing the last block on a parallel B path displays a floating “None†icon until a different block is selected

- Unassigned blocks may appear to have a Footswitch assigned in the editor, but not in the hardware


OS: Mac OS X, Mac OS Mountain Lion, Mac OS Mavericks, Mac OS Yosemite, Mac OS El Capitan 

( 85.43 MB ) GET DOWNLOAD 
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