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Dear All..

im from Indonesia..

i just buy line6 Amplifi 75 at 03-26-2016 at www.bhinneka.com    link : http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:G2pcCxl9DTYJ:www.bhinneka.com/products/sku01315439/line_6_guitar_amplifier__amplifi_75_.aspx+&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk


When first time i plug in and play it, that gear works normally, guitar sound comes out clearly and sharp. Then next day  i go to another town for some office jobs, i leave Amplify 75 at home..and nobody played it, it was only me giutar player at home. then 2 weeks later i came back to my home. Now, this day i wrote this letter, i played that my amplifi 75.. then i was SHOCK !! the sounds that came out from that amp..is very low and become noisy. there is 4 preset A,B,C,D ..and it just only preset B which i can hear the sound and the volume gain must be loud .. i mean the knob must be set at near full.if we want to hear the sound.   seems like this AMAZING AMP has just broken !!! why it can happen !!?? nobody playing it..except me, and i juat playing it twice from since i buy it 3 weeks ago.!!.  DEAR service support.. CAN YOU HELP ME TO FIX IT my AMPLIFI !!??? 




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Hi, sorry to read of your problem. I think other posts in the forum mention a possible problem with high humidity, and the Amplifi not liking that. I expect in Indonesia you do have much higher humidity than in uk where I am. I suggest you raise a Support Ticket through this website and see if they help. Ask them where in the manual they warn customers about high humidity. Good Luck. JpW.

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