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A Problem Blending Dual Tones - Can You Help?

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Hi folks, I wonder if someone could help me please?


I'm setting up 2 blended dual tones on my Pod X3 Live. However, when I select one of the tones to set the volume (using the 'Tone Volume' knob), it reverts to the 'amp' screen (e.g. Jaguar, Brit amp etc) and changes the gain setting on that. I can't seem to get it to control the overall volume of that particular patch.


The only way I've found to get the Tone Volume knob to work as I want it to is to press the 'Save' button. From this screen, I then select the tone I want to set the volume for, then twiddle Tone Volume. However, this doesn't work - because I then discover my twiddling has applied to both the tones.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Thank you!



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The volume of the amp is the Tone Volume, and this levels the entire Tone. The manual states this clearly. I have never had any problems using it in this capacity.


Have you actually found the assigned function of Tone Volume not to work, or did you just get put off by it not seeming to work as you personally expected and then not actually try it? It should be perfectly capable of levelling patches even if you have effects running post-amp. Plus, many effects have their own gain controls if you want even more options, although there is no reason that Tone (amp) Volume would not work just fine. It always has for me.


Edit: To be fair, it does not level the entire Tone if you have the Amp block disabled. Line 6 probably should have had Tone Volume map to Bypass Vol in that case. To be clear, we would need to know whether you had Amp off when you seemingly heard no change. If so, you would have to adjust Bypass Vol instead. But if you do have Amp on, as I said, Tone Volume changes its volume, which works perfectly to level the whole Tone.

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