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Using POD fx Loop while VDI cable in use

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I posted this on the HD forum and got good answers but thought I'd share here.  The issue was running jtv to POD ( 500x) over VDI while using a vocal/harmony pedal that required 1/4 inch connections from guitar so it knows what key you're singing in.


Solution, for now, was to add an fx loop at the beginning of each patch.


So:  Guitar>POD over VDI

POD FX send to vocal pedal input

vocal pedal 1/4 out "thru" to POD FX return


First time I've used the fx loop so I left it's knobs at default for now.


More complicated than I'd like and takes up one of the 8 effects positions on the POD.

All of a sudden the cheap laptop power supply started causing noise in this somewhat complicated collection of cables and electrical connections. Switching to my original Toshiba power supply seems to have fixed that.


So far this vocal pedal is amazing -- great for those of us not born with an awesome voice:     http://www.tc-helicon.com/en/products/voicetone-harmony-g-xt/


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