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iPad pro 9.7 problems??

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I just bought a new iPad pro 9.7 with latest os on it 9.3.1 and in amplify remote in my music library under my playlists i can select a song and it will not have any corresponding tone selections in the right column come up at all..nothing shows up..to select different similar tomes, i uninstalled the app re installed it and still the something..also album covers do not show up either when they did, i also utilize apple music and they use to show up as well the album covers etc and the corresponding tones from line 6 cloud, whats up now? also no song title or artists name shows up even though it will play the song ok..also all firmware and app is updated on my amplify 150 I have 2.50.3 and 2.50.2 on the amp..and if it should have updated it did not show up in the firmware check..

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Can you confirm that the music is installed on your device and not on apples iCloud?


Currently, the AMPLIFi remote app needs music to be installed on the device in order for the app to collect the metadata which is used to search the cloud for tone matches. 

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