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  1. Hi Kane21014, I would suggest ensuring that the 'Contour' setting on the back of your Headrush Monitor is set to flat, as well as ensuring your signal to the speaker isn't clipping the input. If you are still concerned regarding the quality of playback with distortion models; I would then recommend auditioning tones through a quality set of headphones or another FRFR speaker to help determine the culprit.
  2. Hi Cristt, When set to pre-cab/IR; this feature is beneficial when the user doesn't have an amp with an effects loop and works well when setting the amp to its cleanest setting. If you do have an 'effects loop/power-amp in' then I recommend sending the AMP OUT signal to this input. When doing either the above, you can also switch out the complete amp model in the preset to just the Pre-Amp so you don't add any 'color' of the modeled power amp to your traditional amp.
  3. Hi Sylvain, Yes, the TBP12 runs on the same technology as the TBP06 and will work on channels 1-6 when paired with a Relay G30 receiver. Thanks!
  4. I Phil, If I understand correctly, it sounds like you are using the Line 6 EX1 Expression pedal which does not have a 'Toe Switch' like the built in expression pedal on POD Go, thus not being able to turn off. It sounds like you would like the ability to turn off the control from the EX1 expression pedal. To do this with your current settings; Select the delay block > press Page Right/Page Left > select Knob 1 (Bypass/Control) > use Knob 2 to select EXP1 or 2 (opposite of currently used EXP on POD Go) You will now see Position at 5% on Knob 3 and a Wait time of 300ms on Knob 5. This means that when the expression pedal is at 5% or lower, it will Bypass the effect after 300ms. Although the current settings work great, feel free to move those parameters around for your playing style. Then press the home view button to return to the preset and save. In addition to this screen, you can also use Knob 1 to select other parameters within the effect block. For example, use Knob 1 to select 'Time' and set the minimum and maximum values for the expression pedal as well as the feedback; so now with the expression pedal moving from Heel to Toe, the Time and Feedback parameters can each shift to any specified setting. Cheers! Nick
  5. Hi Hankon6, POD Go features an 'AMP OUT' that is meant to send directly to the input of your guitar amp. This output is designed to reflect the same output as the Main Outs, but it doesn't process any Cab/IR modeling; giving you the entire preset minus the cab. This works well on your amps cleanest preset. However, your amp is equipped with an Effects Loop, so you could send that signal directly to the 'Return' input, which bypasses your amps preamp. See below for a Real Panel view of POD Go for the 'Amp Out': For even more control of your sound, you can also run POD Go in 4-cable method with your Blackstar: Here is a link to the POD Go user manuals and cheat sheets for more info: https://line6.com/support/manuals/podgo
  6. Hi billyhell2, Sorry for the late response, how is your Powercab 212 doing? I recommend after power on, press and hold the home button and scroll down and initiate a factory reset. Also, at the end of this list shows the currently installed Firmware version. This should be Version 2.00.1 If your firmware is an older version than this, I recommend updating your unit via the Line 6 updater: https://line6.com/software/
  7. Hello, Just listened to your recording. To me this sounds like it may be a power issue, due to this happening when you introduce that other monitor. If I understand correctly, you are powering your G10 unit via USB power from your laptop. Does this issue happen when using the DC-1 power supply? Thanks!
  8. Hey there, To do this, select either the Volume or Wah effect > Then press both Page left/Page Right > Press Knob 1 under the screen labeled 'Bypass/control' > Use Knob 1 to select 'Position'. Now use Knobs 3 and 4 to set the the Min and Max value for the heel and toe positions. Additionally to using the expression pedal for only Wah or Volume, the expression pedal can also be used to control a parameter of any effect. Using the knobs beneath the screen, press and hold down on the parameter you wish to control for a few seconds, press 'Learn' > then move the expression pedal to assign > then you have the ability to set min and max values. Now the expression pedal can be used to control that parameter. Thanks!!
  9. Hello, To do this, you would have to tell HELIX via MIDI. Something such as the 'Tech 21 MIDI Mouse 3-Button Foot Controller' is an example of solution and has good reviews from other HELIX users. Thanks!
  10. Hey there, I'm unsure of any resources, but I'm happy to help. With the ability of modeling we're able to access to even more parameters for tweaking, so you may notice some effect models with parameters that you usually don't have access to. Such as the 'Phaser' effect which is modeled after the MXR Phase 90, that only has one parameter which is 'speed'. With Spider V's modeling we have Speed, Mix, and feedback. To sound as authentic as possible for modulation effects I'll set the mix to no more than 50%, and the feedback kept in its default position. These settings may change depending on your playing styles. For Delays, mix is essentially the 'level' parameter, which is a common parameter to find on these types of effects. The mix will set how wet you signal gets. Please feel free to send over more questions, thanks!
  11. Hello, Only a Line 6 transmitter's can pair to a Line 6 receiver. Other transmitters that would work are the Line 6 TBP06, or the TBP12. These transmitters are designed for rugged applications, and clip on to your belt or guitar strap. Since these transmitters do not auto sync like the G10T, you would have to set the wireless channel manually on both the Spider V60 and the transmitter, for the initial set up. These transmitters can be found on our shop: https://shop.line6.com/accessories/wireless-accessories/ The G10T runs on the same 2.4Ghz uncompressed signal as all other Line 6 wireless systems. The G10t is great due to its ability to be recharged by the amp, 50ft of range and the auto off feature that when you disconnect G10T from a guitar it powers off and doesn't give off any pops or clicks even when plugging back in. If you have any questions or concerns regarding G10T, please feel free to ask and we'll be happy to help!
  12. Hi awyoung89, Im sorry to hear about that. There may be a slight possibility that your computer is missing the correct driver. Lets see if this helps: 1. Go to Line6.com/software 2. For the drop down search bars, skip over Hardware. For software select Drivers. Then select Windows 8 for operating system. 3. Scroll down the list and download the 'Line 6 Driver2, version 1.91 with a release date of 9/13/18. Let us know if this helps. Thank you!
  13. Hi gwopponz, The firmware installed on your unit is from Spider V's very first release, which is most likely the reason of the update issue. I recommend updating your Spider V to the latest firmware with a computer via USB. To do this, download the Line 6 updater from here: https://line6.com/software/ and connect your Spider V via USB. Download the latest firmware: 2.00.0 Feel free to respond with any questions you may have, thank you!
  14. Hi Peter, Sorry to hear about that! The FBV Express MKII is compatible with Spider V. Lets see if we can track down what the issue may be. Using the provided Cat 5 cable, ensure that there are no 'kinks' or signs of a broken cable. I then recommend re-flashing your FBV Express. 1) Download the Line 6 'Monkey' updater here: https://line6.com/software/index.html (select FBV Express MKII for hardware, then press search) 2) Connect your FBV Express MKII into your computer via USB. 3) Open Monkey. 4) Perform the update to the latest firmware (Version 1.10.0). Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!
  15. HI Kargian, There are several options available depending on your needs. The FBV2 - This is a simple two button switch that acts just like the preset knob on your Spider V. https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv2 FBV Express MKII: This gives you the ability to switch between four presets per bank, with ability to access the tuner, tap tempo, and an expression pedal with a toe switch so you can toggle between Volume and Wah controls. https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv-express-mkii FBV Shortboard MKII: This unit was released for Spider IV and is also compatible with Spider V. This gives you complete control of your Spider V30 by being able to change banks, preset select and Effect bypass. The LEDS indicate which effects are on and off with each effect fixed to a specific foot-switch. Stomp is for stomp boxes such as a distortion, MOD for modulation effects such as Chorus and phase, Delay for delay effects, and Reverb. https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv-shortboard-mkii FBV3: FBV3 is the updated version of the Shortboard for Spider V to feature colored rings to know which effects are which and the ability to choose where you want your effects on the foot-switches . https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv3
  16. Hi Adam_T, This is most likely due to the wiring with the piezo and the TRS set up of the G10t (for charging). Try using a right angle 1/4" to 1/4" converter like this one: Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks!
  17. Hi Sixstringer019, I'm sorry to hear about that, I totally understand your frustration. Lets see if we can track down what the issue may be. If you haven't already, lets first try re-flashing your Spider V240. Download the Line 6 updater and install the latest firmware: https://line6.com/software/ Let us know if this helps, thanks!
  18. Hi sbstringer007a, The issue could be that your Amplifi 75 needs to be updated to the latest firmware. Using the Line 6 updater, ensure that your Amplifi is updated to the latest firmware (V 2.60) https://line6.com/software/index.html Please let us know if you have further questions. Thank you!
  19. Hello, This is caused due to the design of the G10's transmitter in which the sleeve has been split like a TRS cable; which is for charging the G10T. Using the right angle adapter included with the G10 system will resolve this issue. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  20. Hello, These are the correct input adapters. Thanks!
  21. Hi Spindlebox, We have Relay G10T USB charging cables available on the Line 6 Web Store: https://shop.line6.com/relay-g10t-usb-charging-cable.html Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  22. Hi Gregory, Have you updated both the G10 Transmitter and Receiver? The G10 transmitter should wake up within a second of playing. Please download the Line 6 updater and perform a firmware update if you haven't done so. With the G10 transmitter docked in the receiver, plug into your computer via usb and update: https://line6.com/software/index.html Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!!
  23. Follow this link: https://line6.com/software/index.html In the middle drop down menu labeled 'All Software'; select Line 6 Monkey. After this has downloaded to your computer you can connect your device via USB and run the update, or if you have the firmware file on your computer, select 'update from file'.
  24. The Variax Standard Onyx Limited Edition's neck is built with a one piece maple neck with a Macassar Ebony fingerboard. The body is Alder.
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