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  1. Hey Nepex, Sorry to hear about that. Two things, Have you tried another power source? To factory reset the POD HD you're going to want to re-flash your unit via Monkey. Here is a video tutorial just incase: Let us know if this helps. Thanks!
  2. Hi nguyen232, The 'Reverb Knob' on AMPLIFi is controlling the MIX parameter only. So if your playing, and want more of that reverb effect, you can simply turn it up/down via the Knob. When looking at the Reverb within the app, you see all the Reverbs parameters. Usually these are: Decay, Pre Delay, Tone, and Mix. Decay controls the 'size' of the Reverb. Less Decay = a shorter Reverb, whereas More Delay = a longer/larger Reverb. Think of it as controlling the "room" size. Pre Delay allows you to set how much time until the Reverb effect colors your tone. With a short Pre Delay setting, you'll hear the Reverb immediately with every note, whereas a long Pre Delay can be set for the Reverb effect to take a few milliseconds to color your tone. For example, with a maxed out Pre Delay setting, you can make a reverb sound like a slap back echo. Next is TONE. This is where you can make the Reverb brighter or darker in tone. Less = Dark More = Bright Finally is Mix. Mix is used to control how much Reverb you have. This being the only parameter controlled by the Reverb knob on AMPLIFi. If you would like to use the Expression pedal to control other parameters you can this by pressing and holding down on any one parameter and assign to the expression pedal.
  3. Hi graffig, If you would like to use an external power source (like a generator, mobile power), ensure that you are using the DC-1 Power Supply that came with FX100. The power source must offer at least 9 volts at 300mA to ensure that the FX100 works properly.
  4. The radio featured in the G10 is the same technology found in our existing Relay products, resulting in extremely short latency. I have never felt latency with our Wireless units. This experience doesn't differ wether I plug into my 1978 Marshall JMP, or my HELIX with Relay, especially the G10. Keep in mind that the G10 has an indoor range of 50-feet. Hope this helps! :D
  5. Hi Stevedunco, Here's a quick look at most of FBV's functions with the Spider Valve series. Bank Up - Bank Down: The FBV Shortboard gives you 9 banks of 4 channels each. Bank 1 is the same 4 memories you get from the Spider Valve front panel A,B,C,D buttons when no FBV is connected. Stomp/Mod/Delay/Reverb: These switch the Spider Valve effects Mod, Delay and Reverb on and off like they were stomp boxes on a pedal board. Tap/Tuner: Tap a couple beats to set the tempo. Or press and hold this switch until you see the tuner on the pedal’s display. Press it again to exit tuner mode. Click this link for more info regarding FBV with Spider Valve:
  6. Hi jpicc2880, The direct out is Line level which is used for going direct to a PA board and/or recording. With all tube amps, it is always recommended to have a speaker plugged in to the speaker outputs to take any 'load' that may be present, but nonetheless if you want to silence the speakers (not send any juice to the speaker outputs) keep the amp in standby mode. When in standby mode, no signal will be sent through the Speaker Outs.
  7. Hi svenmeuwis, The FBV Shortboard MKII, FBV Express MKII, and FBV3 all work with AMPLIFi. As for the FBV3 with AMPLFi, the colored LED's for effect's will ignite red.
  8. The FBV Express MKII will only give you A-B-C-D preset switching within the bank of presets you're in. You cannot assign any effects to the A B C or D foot switches. To do this, you would need either the FBV Shortboard MKII or MKIII. Check here to see all details for all FBV Foot Controllers: Foot Controllers However, the AMPLIFi app gives you the ability to assign an effect parameter of one effect to the EXP pedal. (just tap and hold down on the parameter of your choice in the effect). For example, if you were to do this with the Mix of a delay, and save that delay with the mix at 0%, you could use the EXP to raise the Mix/Turn on.
  9. Yes. Just like with POD 2.0 to Spider IV. When using the FBV Express MKII with AMPLIfi you will use your smart device to select the bank of tones, and the Express will give you A-B-C-D within that bank. Tap/Tuner as well as the EXP also function just as well.
  10. Hey there Indianrock2020, Strange, this is the first case I personally have heard of with the EQ's adding a slight hum. Since you're using noise gates, and moving stuff around it sounds like you're set up nicely. I would start off by performing a factory reset and re-test. Here is a tutorial on how to reset your POD HD: Let us know your results. Thank you!
  11. Thanks for the Link! A lot of great feedback in that post. Just to reiterate, regardless of where the EXP is, when you recall a preset it will always load with the saved volume within the preset, until the EXP is moved. If you would like a particular preset to load with lets say the EXP at half way, I would re-save the tone with the adjusted volume effect within the signal chain. If a preset is saved with the Volume effect at 100%, recalling that preset with FBV's EXP at 50% won't load the preset with 50% volume.
  12. The FBV3 is not compatible with Legacy products such as Flextone.
  13. I even tested this by slamming a guitar on a table while the G10 was plugged in, seeing if the inertia of the slam would knock out the transmitter, which it didn't at all. Just ended up with a dented guitar -thankfully its a tester ;)
  14. Hello, Can you confirm that the music is installed on your device and not on apples iCloud? Currently, the AMPLIFi remote app needs music to be installed on the device in order for the app to collect the metadata which is used to search the cloud for tone matches.
  15. Congrats on the G10. As from experience and testing the G10 I can assure you that this will not happen with the transmitter. The G10 was designed with this in mind giving a robust yet light transmitter. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  16. The G10 Receiver's (Dock) highest point is 2 3/8" and a perfect 3 7/8" square.
  17. If you can post a link to your post I'd be happy to help. In the meantime I recommend to make sure all presets are leveled. Also keep in mind that the preset will be recalled in which ever state it was saved. By recalling a saved preset with the Volume at 100%, the preset will engage with the Vol effect 100% regardless of the EXP position. If this is a preset you'd like to be recalled at a lower volume ( such as 50%) I recommend saving it at the desired spot. Then when engaging this preset it will be within the desired volume.
  18. Hey there adamfransson, The M5 requires at least 500mA to work properly. I believe the T-Rex Chameleon tops out at 300mA. If you like the T-Rex style, the 'Classic' model offers the 500mA output.
  19. Yes, FBV Express MKII is 100% compatible with Firehawk 1500
  20. Hey there heavybob, It sounds like you're asking if the FBV Shortboard will bank up/down from bank 1, 2, 3, etc.. If this is your questions the answer is yes. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!
  21. Hi Paul, I would recommend first switching the output mode to 'Amp' via the push button located next to the outputs. It sounds like you're half way there. By choosing no amp and no cab will turn off all amp modeling. After you've assigned all effect's blocks to the Foot Switches of your choice you then have to save this tone to either your tones folder, or to Firehawk FX. Press save on the top right and select save tone as, or save to Firehawk FX.
  22. When saving a tone, its all about where you save it. With any tone, just press save (box top right corner) and press 'store on FIREHAWK'. When you do this, the list of stored tones in FIREHAWK will appear. You then press the location/existing tone and you'll notice that the new tone is in its desired location, then done.
  23. Hi Evorgeloc, When you say the previous search results remains, are you refereeing to the list of tones, the text in the search bar, or the loaded tone? Thanks!
  24. Hey there, Is your Firehawk FX locking up, or the app? Can you give a brief description of the process to the lock up? Thanks!
  25. Yes, it is 100% compatible. BUT the only difference is that the Foot-switches for the effects will ignite red instead of their color (like when used with the Firehawk 1500). Otherwise all functionality is identical.
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