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  1. Spider IV tones cannot be transferred to AMPLIFi due to the difference of the modeling platform.
  2. Hey there, Spider V is loaded with a variety of different styles of pre-recorded drum tracks. Lets try the following steps to access all the drum loops: 1. Press the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON to enter the Playback Screen. 2. Turn the ROTARY KNOB to scroll to the icon on the left and press to change it to the Musical Notes icon. 3. Use the ROTARY KNOB to highlight the Drum Loop parameters to select which groove will be played, and control its volume. 4. Press the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON to start and stop the Drum Loops. Please let us know if you have any further questions Thank you!
  3. Hi stratolini, Please ensure you also have installed the Spider V driver: Spider V Driver After you have installed the Spider V Driver. Make sure to select the USB output going out to your computer. Then run the Line 6 updater. After signing in, you should then see your Line 6 device appear; displaying the installed firmware build. After selecting your device, you will be directed to a list of all available firmware updates. Select the most current update available; the Line 6 updater will then guide you on the update process. Please let us know if you have any further needs. Thanks!
  4. Hi Skryking, The Spider V 30 is a smaller box when compared to the IV 30. Spider V30 Cover
  5. Hello and welcome! Selecting the Tones tab below within the Firehawk Remote App will bring you to the tones screen. Here four tabs are visible above. My Tones = Tones You have created, or saved. Favorites = Tones that you 'favored' when performing a tone match. Cloud = This brings you to the tone cloud. Search here for all tones submitted by users and Line 6. There are literally thousands of tones available. Search by song, band, style, genre, guitarist name. (i.e. Korn, Djent) The final tab will display the Firehawk product that you're connected to (Firehawk FX/1500)
  6. Hi drswade, Sorry to hear about that. AMPLIFi tones are 100% compatible with Firehawk. Can you try: going to the settings tab within the Firehawk Remote App. Sign out, then sign back in. After signing back in, try your search again. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks!
  7. Hi Brad, Have you tried adjusted the the Buffer Size in the settings of Mobile POD? I recommend a lower buffer rate to take care of the Latency. Also make sure certain apps (i.e. Facebook) are closed to ensure you're getting the most CPU from your iPhone. Please let us know if this helps.
  8. Hi Johnny, Sorry to hear about this. Have you by chance performed a Firmware update? - If not, please update your G10 system by downloading the 'Line 6 Updater' ( ). Open the updater while your G10 receiver is plugged in via USB and update to the latest firmware update. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks!
  9. I would recommend the following two options: A Factory reset: Press and hold the Master Volume knob and Tone button as you power up. Regardless if the Factory reset solves your issue or not, I highly recommend performing a Firmware update via the 'Line 6 Updater'. Download the Line 6 updater via this link: and install that latest firmware via USB. Let us know your results. Thanks!
  10. Guitar > OD pedal > FX100 will react as if it were in the signal chain before the amp. Keep your noise gate setting in mind if this effect block is being used for your tone.
  11. Hi Frankm6, In settings, make sure auto tone loading is enabled. Make sure that the data in the details of your tone matches the info in the song (such as Song title, Album, Artist, Guitarist). When your tone is saved in your tones folder and/or published to the cloud; favoriting the tone will also make sure its the first tone selection matching the song's metadata thus, auto loading. Let us know your results! Thank you.
  12. Hey there, Sorry about the random strange behavior. Have you tried performing a Firmware update via the Line 6 Updater? ( If not, please download the Line 6 Updater. Connect your Spider V 30 to your computer via the USB out, run the updater and update to the latest firmware. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks!
  13. First make sure your Master volume isn't at an ear bleeding level. Then start off with your cleanest, quietest tone and max out the channel volume. Then set your master volume to your preference. Now match each other tone to this tones volume using the channel volume control. You must save each preset so they reflect their adjusted volume (Press and hold A-D till they rapid blink, then select A-D to save that tone to your selection).
  14. This is definitely a characteristic of a power tube(s) that is starting to go. Dropping those Sovteks in your DT25 will be fine, but may have a different tonal characteristics when compared to the stock Electro Harmonix.
  15. Yes - Function 2 operates as the Looper Function.
  16. Since the drum loops and the looper are separate from each other for the use of practicing, there is not a way presently to press a single button and have both the drum loop and guitar loop play simultaneously. The process would be to start each loop one after another. For example; Record a guitar rhythm over a drum loop (up to 60 second loop time) > Stop looping > Play/overdub loop. Through this process you wouldn't have to turn off the drum loop. But if you'd like, you would then have to play the guitar loop then the drum loop (or vise/versa). Since the drum loops were intended for practicing; if you would like to build a song off of the drum loops provided in the Spider V 60, I recommend recording these loops to a recording device. With recording via Spider V's USB out, you can record to your computers sound card or DAW ( GarageBand, Protools, Logic).
  17. The modeling featured in the Spider Valve MKII was designed with Celestion Vintage 30's. Using other speaker combinations can produce unexpected results due to their frequency response.
  18. Hi rockroadster, Have you had any luck with this current set up? Guitar > FH1500 guitar input | Mainout > JamMan | JamMan out > Monitor In.
  19. Hi alun101_uk, The Firehawk FX features both HD and non HD models whereas the AMPLIFi series only features non HD models.
  20. Hi Flowride, Are you unable to connect via Bluetooth? Or are you unable to get the app to connect to AMPLIFi?
  21. The TBP12 transmitters are the same radio, so yes both will connect and work just the same. The difference with the TBP12 transmitters for vocal systems are the Vocal Filters that are accessible within the transmitter. So with that said, make sure the filter is turned off when using for guitar ;)
  22. If you would have to use AMPLIFi for vocals I would recommend using the 3.5mm input jack located on the back panel. If you have to go into the guitar input i recommend disabling all amp modeling. In the 'Clean' amp type you can choose no amp and no cab. You can still use FX like reverb as well.
  23. Hi Mgregory623, When it comes to pressing down on the Master knob with Firehawk, you have three different colors. First (without pressing down) you have RED, which is overall volume. Pressing once will change the color to WHITE, this is the Guitars level (via Firehawk 1500's input), this makes it easy to adjust your guitars volume to any music you're playing with. Pressing once more will change the color to RED & WHITE. This is controls the preset Amp models Master Volume.
  24. The only controllers that work with AMPLIFi would be the FBV MkII or MkIII Series.
  25. Hi hwhalen, The HD500 can not control the Alchemist. L6 Link can only be found on: POD HD500/Pro, DT Series, M20d, Stagesource, and HELIX.
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