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  1. Totally! With the M9 it quick saves. So pretty much you will place the EXP at the heel position, set any parameter of any effect to where you want it, then set the EXP to the toe position while setting the parameters to where you want them and thats it. You'll see the parameters change when rocking the EXP.
  2. Hi there, I'm assuming your speakers aren't plugged into Firehawk FX outs. Since you have Firehawk set as audio in and out, your audio source must be plugged into Firehawk FX outputs. If you're looking to get audio out of your computers speakers set the audio out to be your system.
  3. The POD X3 live requires 9v AC power with 200ma to power on and function properly. Sending any more power than 9v can damage the unit. Also keep in mind that the POD X3 live runs on AC (alternating current) apposed to DC (Direct Current) which can also damage the unit. The PX-2 power supply needs 120v to work properly to supply the POD with the correct power. Keep this in mind when researching mobile power solutions to make sure you don't send the wrong power to your unit, which can damage your POD X3.
  4. The platform for the tones in Firehawk differs from POD 2.0. My advice would be to 'rebuild' these presets for Firehawk FX. The names of the Models change slightly when new products are released, due to being a new revision. I've attached the model galleries from POD 2.0, Pod HD, and POD XT. The Firehawk FX is like a 'best of' feature set of Line 6; with modeling from both Pod XT era, and POD HD. I would recommend taking a look at your tones in your POD 2.0 and match the FX, amps, and cabs in Firehawk. POD 2.0 Manual, Page: 8-17: HD Model gallery: XT model gallery, page 5-1:
  5. This will power the G70 for sure. On the other hand, it may drain this battery very quickly.
  6. Yes the volumes can be at different levels. If a letter isn't lit up, you can still hold a letter down for a couple seconds, and the screen will then ask where you would like to save this tone ( ex: User ) Check out the Spider video tutorial section here:
  7. Hey There, All you need is the Monkey updater. Here is a link leading to our downloads section for the most recent firmware update (2.09), you can also download the monkey updater from this as well, just search for JM4, download the Firmware file, then use the Monkey updater and click 'update from file':
  8. Hi There, The outputs on the M13 are all Line out, so going out of your M13 to your computer should work out with no damage to any equipment.
  9. Hi there, This is normal due to the volume those presets are currently set at. To dial in your sounds, set your master volume to the loudest you'd like to be. Then adjust the presets channel volume to your liking, then save the preset ( hold the lit up ABC or D button for a couple seconds, you'll see all buttons blinking, then press and hold the desired button (( location of preset)), you'll see a rapid blink, the preset is now saved) go through each of your presets and save them this way, as different amps,& set ups naturally have different volumes, so make sure to set them for your playing scenario. Also, Spider Amplifiers can also be updated via a Line 6 controller (like the FBV Express) giving us the ability to connect to the computer and update the amp. There is also a Spider editor for the computer that is another way of editing your Spider amp, while also having access to a community of guitar tones. Hope this helps!
  10. NBell

    Amplifi and pod xt

    Hi There, For your exact situation; the Amplifi TT is line out only, so you would need a power amp to power its signal.
  11. The main outs and Amp out will both send audio out simultaneously. The amp out however will only send out the guitars signal and not bluetooth audio when both outs are used.
  12. All Relay products will work with each other. The Relay G55 transmitter is not sold separately. It is not recommended to run any wireless with the antennas stuck in the back of the rack. The wireless signal can be comprised by the antenna's signal being stuck in the rack's box, and also electrical cabling running in a rack can also effect signal if touching the antennas. I recommend our rack kit, which will bring the antennas to the front of the rack:
  13. With our wireless their is no pairing process due to the 2.4 Ghz frequency we run on. With that being said, the best way to achieve this with a Relay G30 would be to have both transmitters on the same channel and have the transmitter that you are not using turned off. As soon as you power off one transmitter and power on the other (while on the same channel) it will be connected as soon as you power on.
  14. Hi there, The TB516G transmitter is only compatible with Relay G70/G75 generation wireless. On the other hand though, I've had great experience in the field with our premium TA4 cable from Mogami (also available in a right angle):
  15. The two most common issues with rechargeable batteries are: rechargeable batteries may swell up, making them difficult to fit. 2, rechargeable batteries can give inaccurate battery life time on any wireless unit (saying you have 8 hours when you may have only 6). Some reachable batteries can also have a smaller voltage rating, producing less voltage to the unit which can effect performance.. Keep this in mind as well just incase. Other than that its totally safe to use rechargeable batteries, as they will not harm your unit.
  16. Hi There, If you haven't already, I would take a look at the mix after both amps in the HD (the little mixer after the merge) and ensure amp A and B is both equal output. As for my tips on more of an Edge tone I would recommend no overdrive, but a Compressor, and use the AC30 for all your gain. Much like what he does. If you're looking for solo boost, something like an 808, or tube OD -set the level all the way up, yet the gain at 5% or so, depending on how much gain you want.
  17. Hi there, Buffer's are great when using complex rigs, and pedal boards where certain effects may take away from the signal, so a soft boost or 'buffer' is used to bring that signal back up. Unless you're planning on running hundreds of feet of cable, using a buffer with the FX100 would not be needed.
  18. Hi there, Any Line 6 dealer is able to order G70 cables.
  19. Please share with us at Idea Scale:
  20. Hi there, the tone may not be the most favorable due to sending an amp model into the input of another amp model which is why it may sound like 'too much'. There's two ways I would recommend. When using Firehawk with a traditional amp, its always recommended to turn the outputs to amp mode, located on the back panel. First: If you want to use the amp's in the DT25, I would use 'no amp' in Firehawk and use FH essentially as my pedal board. Second: IF you want to use everything in Firehawk and have the DT25 just as your power amp, I would recommend running into the FX loop. An FX loop bypasses the preamp section and is sent directly to the power amp. Getting no tone/gain from the pre amp. Keep in mind that using Class A Class A/B with certain amps may have different feels than traditionally. For example, a Vox is a Class A, a Marshall is Class A/B.
  21. Hi Eric, First you'll want to install the Spider IV editor on your computer by visiting: Connect both the MKII to your computer (Via USB) and the Spider IV Then visit custom tone at: and start downloading tones. Use the editor to not only edit presets, but to send presets to the amp.
  22. We currently have Spider IV knobs available on our online store:
  23. Hi there, When using an EQ I would recommend taking out the frequencies you don't want. For your example you say the highs are harsh; raise the high shelf gain a bit to hear them a bit louder, sweep through the frequencies, find the one thats giving you trouble, then back the gain off getting it out of the mix - to your taste. Try this as a starting point. Everyones ears are different, but this has always been a major rule of thumb when using EQ with tone writing on our end.
  24. Hi Jeemus, I haven't heard of any case of this with Amplifi 75 as of yet. But I would recommend a factory reset just to make sure, and if you haven't updated your unit thats another recommendation as well. To update your unit, download the Line 6 updater from our support tab. Open program while Amplifi 75 is connected and update to latest firmware. Then perform a factory reset. Factory Reset: power your unit off> hold down the master volume knob and the tone button while powering on. Make sure to back up all presets as this will reset the onboard presets.
  25. Great feature request. Please feel free to share your recommendations with all of us at Idea Scale:
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