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  1. Hi all, maybe i'm gonna ask some stupid thing but.... can i use the pod xt as preamplifier connecting it directly to the marshall cabinet, and avoiding the marshall head?? i don't know............if the pod sounds through the headphones and they have no amplifier, why shouldn't work with the cabinet?? Please, don't crucify me ;)
  2. Hi all, anyone could tell me wich is the output frequency range of the POD XT?? of course, in Hz or Khz. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm gonna change my celestion speakers for a FRFR speakers , so i will get the full POD XT tone, and i'm looking for a cheap and easy to handle preamplifier, i was thinking about use the Amplifi TT as preamp for my marshall 2x12" cabinet, and with my POD XT as multifx modeller. It can be done without problems? How much power can i get with the amplifi TT? Thanks.
  4. Guitar>marshall input marshall Send fx >pod xt input pod xt output >marshall Return fx it's called the 4 cable method but as you see only three are needed.
  5. I don't have the pro, my pod is the just the XT, i don't know it if has another name out there.
  6. Hi, I've been trying to use the four cable method with the pod xt and a 100watt head and cabinet Marshall, but i don't know what happens....... the sound comes and goes. I've checked the wires and the settings and everything seems to be OK. If i use another method I've got no problems with the sound. Anyone here knows what's the problem? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, i'm using the pod xt with a valvestate Marshall 100 watt head and cabinet, and i'd like to know what's the perfect output for my equipment. I know i've got several options, like direct, Studio etc... which one would you recommend me for my marshall amplifier? Thanks.
  8. OK, yesterday i went to our rehearsal room, and i connected the POD xt to the external speakers through an small mixing desk it sounds amazing!! powerful and clear. Maybe i buy an small mixing desk and a 200 watt cabinet. Thanks for all.
  9. Hi all, a few weeks ago a good friend of mine inspired me to play with him, but i hadn't a guitar amplifier, I've got an auto powered flat response stage monitor, and that's my amplification right now. Obviously it sounds horrible, dirty, noisy, fat and always saturated. Anyone here could help me to get a good tone with this amplification until i buy a decent guitar amplifier?? thanks a lot.
  10. I like pod xt, but i've got some good sound with my Guitar rig 5 software, and i'd like to use them through my pod xt interface. the bad thing is that i cannot bypass the sounds from pod xt, and i need to use it just as an aundio interface without the effects and amps......is that possible??? if so, how? thanks in advance
  11. Hi, i've got a POD XT and few days ago started to turn off and on alone. I've changed the usb cable, and i've downloaded the lastest drivers and firmware via monkey, but it still happens. Anyone here could tell me why is this, and how can i solve it?? Thanks in advance.
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