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  1. Well..... Since I bought the amp I’ve been using an android phone, Samsung S5. The phone’s old and started slowing down but lucky for me my work phone broke so I got it replaced with an iPhone 8. Brilliant; I can now use my amp with a better phone, or so I thought. With the iPhone I’m getting all the issues that everyone else is. Losing connection, songs suddenly stoping, app not responding etc. I’m wondering if it’s the iPhone app that’s screwing everything. Gone back to the Samsung and again not a single problem.
  2. I’ve not had a single issue with my AMPLIFi 75. people who have had issues are rightfully going to vent their frustrations while those with no problems are going to stay quiet. The amplifi is is perfect for me. I don’t play in bands and just jam out at home with headphones. Being able to play along to songs through my phone is wonderful. If you can wait it might be worth seeing what pops up at namm
  3. Line 6 are a funny company. Some of their products are wonderful and others a bit crap.... Spider *cough* I play at home with a little Amplifi TT perfect for playing in silence with a pair of headphones. Where are Line 6 heading. Will they do an upgraded TT? Something new that are suitable for home headphone practise? Or go down the super expensive Helix route?
  4. I love the Amplifi. The update is easy especially if you do it through a PC but you need to purchase a separate USB cable for that. It's a wonderful practice amp and please take notice of that, it's a practice amp.
  5. When I plug my Amplifi 75 into my pc via USB I get a buzzing sound. There isn't a constant buzz but any time a sound comes through from either the guitar or something played on the PC the sound crackles. I really want to do some recording but this makes it sound horrid. The USB cable works fine with my Toneport UX2 and everything else. Thanks
  6. When I connect my Amplifi 75 to record on the PC via USB the sound quality reduces creating a crackling like noise. Even when I press the test button on the playback devices (when you right click on the speaker icon on the desktop) it crackles. I thought it might be due to using an old USB cable but it's fine through the ancient UX2 that I have. Any ideas?
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