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  1. I have the same issue and was told here on the forums that its normal, that all the presets have preset volumes as part of the settings. here is that thread so you can see the answers i got. to be honest its one of the reasons i am getting rid of this amp after only owning it for 3 months . Im gonna lose my shirt over it and take a huge bath as a loss to GC , but it just causes too many problems. And Ill never buy a line 6 product again. surely. But its so stupid to have preset volumes in the preset song settings. http://line6.com/support/topic/18646-recent-line-6-spider-iv-75w-purchase-i-have-a-big-question/
  2. SO let me ask for a litle clarification, your statement is correct even of the preloaded songs that come with a new amp? as for expample last night i was playing using the sounds from one song, and turned the knob to switch to a different song style and immediately the volume went up HUGE. The volume presets are actually different on each pre-loaded song type ? also there is no lit up a b c or d button.
  3. absolutely thank you very much. Im ordering the FBV express later in the week.
  4. So hello all, One thing i notice about the 75w , is ill pull up a preset song say message in a bottle, ( love the way that sounds) and ill set the volume at one level, but if i switch off the preset and change the tone to say.. crunch, the volume suddenly jumps to incredibly loud. Is the volume preset with the preset song as well somehow? Or is something wrong with my amp. i literally just got it a week ago brand new from GC. Also as a sidebar, i plug in my phone and use it to play some drum backing tracks for me, through the line in in the back of the unit. Is there a way to just control the line in volume vs my guitars volume? Thank you guys and gals in advance!
  5. sorry yes i meant to say will the effects apply to the patterns the Trio pedla creates as well as my guitar input, and Im 99% positive it would of course Thank you for the help on the footswitch i guess a FBV mkII is next up. lol
  6. 1. so i bought a spider IV 75w and i need a hand with a footswitch. I want to use the looper but i cant push the button and then record and make my loops fit, so i figure i need a footswitch. can the regular line 6 2 button footswitch control the looper function, start and stop? or do i have to spend another hundred for the multi? 2. is there a way ti update the preloaded songs to other songs online somewhere perhaps? ALso on a side note, ive been looking at a trio pedal. if i use it the sounds from the looper will be affected by the presets i assume?
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