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  1. Hi gtrman100, Have you tried signing out then back into the app? If this doesn't work, try reinstalling the app.
  2. Hi Stratoholic1! Favoriting a preset happens when making a Tone Match within the Music Tab. This feature was designed so that you can choose which tone defaults to the song you're playing with in addition to being added to your Favorites folder. As for your Kindle only accepting 2.50, it may be the possibility that 2.50 is best suited opposed to 2.60 for your Kindle's operations system.
  3. Hi Stratoholic1! When using a Line 6 controller all actions will happen in real time. As for the latency you experienced with your smart device. Depending on the processing power of your smart device, you may experience a slight latency with some actions over Bluetooth.
  4. Please refer to the G10 Guitar Compatibility page as well as the G10 compatibility PDF for more info: If your situation is not resolved by this information please let us know. Thank you!
  5. Hi apballa22, I would say the issue is the TRS adapter. If it originally was for a pair of headphones than it was designed for balanced audio. I would recommend something like the Hosa GPM-179. Thanks!
  6. Hi Joe, With Spider V powered up and read to go, connect your USB cable to the USB-B input, and ensure the USB Select-swtich is switched over to the right, selecting the PC/Android USB input. Now you will need to select Spider V as your playback device within your PC's sound card: A ) Choose Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Playback tab. B ) Right-click Spider V in the list and choose to make this your playback device. C ) Click OK in each open dialog box. Thanks!
  7. Hi Tinkerman, To control the looper remotely with Spider V you would need an FBV Shortboard MkII or the FBV3.
  8. Hi Vicmodde, Yes - the Spider V 240HC is 100% compatible with a Spider IV cab. The Spider V 240HC is compatible with any external cab, featuring a Cabinet Modeling switch on the back panel. This can be used to turn off cab modeling for when using other cabs other than the Spider V 412 cab.
  9. Hi oldmanrockband, I believe your amp may need to be updated. Visit and select your Spider V product. Then download the 'Line 6 Updater'. Run this program and plug in your Spider V via USB and download the latest Firmware. After downloading, you'll notice that you can scroll seamlessly through presets. After registering your Spider V, you can set email notifications to be updated on upcoming updates. Let us know if you have any questions !
  10. Hi Gagsmdia, Congrats on your new Variax Standard! Workbench is a free download from our website. In addition to downloading Variax Workbench, I also recommend downloading the Line 6 Monkey Updater. When on the Downloads page, select the Variax standard as your product and download both Monkey and Workbench HD. The updater is used to update the firmware in your Variax Standard. I recommend checking your guitar to ensure its on the latest firmware. After registering your Variax, email notifications can be set to be informed on new and upcoming updates. As for powering, the battery used in Variax Standard will last up to 12 hours on a full charge. Extra batteries can be found here: also available at any Line 6 Dealer. Using the VDI cable that comes with your Variax can be used to connect to Line 6 processors such as POD HD, Firehawk, or HELIX. Longer and more robust VDI cables are also available: or at any Line 6 dealer. I also recommend checking out the users manual as it has a complete model list of the guitars accessible on variax, as well cool features like 'Virtual Capo' : Let us know if you have any more questions!
  11. Hi Parisxmusic, The oldest Line 6 product that FBV3 is compatible with would be Spider III. Compatible controllers for Veta II would be the FBV MKII or the FBV Express.
  12. Hi eighteyedspy, Low practice scenarios should be okay. However, Spider V was designed for the Guitar. Low end frequencies produced by an electric Bass could damage the Speaker.
  13. Any locking tuners will work as they are the same dimensions. However, for Variax the dimensions are pretty standard. Taking a look at brands such as Grover, or D'Addario (for example) you'd want to choose an "In-line" set, and they should snug right in. Keep in mind of the pattern of the screws when deciding on a set.
  14. Hi Basscleff, An XD-V75 system is needed to update G30-G90.
  15. Hi Fuzzbass2000, Have you by chance tried a new TA4 cable? It is possible that the spring load within the locking mechanism on your TA4 cable may be worn out. Thanks!
  16. Hi jakkington, Your system may be running on RF2 mode, which is more forgiving with in-house wifi, but will not perform properly in the presence of another Line 6 wireless in RF1 mode; all Line 6 wireless being used must be on the same RF mode. Attached is a link explaining RF1 and RF2 modes and how to switch your system(s) to the desired RF mode. Using RF1 mode can actually weaken a venues wifi signal, whereas RF2 mode works much nicely with existing wifi. RF1 mode is much tougher in extreme wifi conditions. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks!
  17. Hi Jbmakesnoise, I would like to offer a few recommendations: Perform a factory reset: From the edit menu, select "Factory Reset" and press the Nav/Select Encoder. Turn the Encoder to select OK, or cancel to exit. Press the encoder button to commit your selection Ensure all screen savers are turned off, as this can interrupt a Firmware update. We recommend to not use any USB HUBs. Try another USB output (if not already) as different manufactures will source keyboard and mouse commands to one of the USB inputs. Please let us know your results. Thank you!
  18. Hello and welcome! Congrats on your Variax; the Emerald Green is such a beautiful color. I wanted to share our page full of many different tutorial videos that go over set up, tech tips, and tone builds (
  19. Hi badiaziv, Here are a few recommendations of mine to help narrow down the cause: Is your transmitter set to low power mode? Low power mode helps preserve battery life by reducing the transmitters range. I also recommend all Line 6 wireless that is being used to be on the same RF mode ( Other good wireless practices are making sure other wireless units are not next to each other, cell phones should not be placed near transmitters or receivers.
  20. Hi Fleetz, Our current Manual should have all necessary data needed for operation. Are there any details you are seeking that are not listed in the current manual? Please feel free to let us know any questions you may have. :) Thank you!
  21. Hi there, Have you performed a factory reset? (Turn amp off. Press and hold preset A. While holding down Preset A turn on your amp; follow instructions on screen).
  22. Hi Hossey, Can you confirm both your POD HD and FBV3 are updated to the latest firmware? Thanks!
  23. Hi there, sorry to hear! Has this behavior continued after updating both your Spider V 240HC and Shortboard MKII to the latest Firmware? While using the Line 6 updater for your Spider V, you will need to use Monkey to update your MKII. -- As for leveling tones: Start off with the master volume at a comfortable level. Find the cleanest/softest tone you are using and max its CH. Volume all the way and save this preset. Now match all other tones to this tones volume. This will enable the master volume to be your main volume control thus all tones being used to recall at the same volume.
  24. Hello, The Line 6 store on our website reflects only what Line 6 has in stock available to sell out of our web store. The TBP12 style of transmitters are not EOL and are currently available on our web store here: This product can also be purchased through any of our retail partners. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!
  25. I would start off by checking the power source. How are you powering your G55 receiver? Thanks!
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