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  1. With the introduction of the HD modeling and the affordability of the Variax Standard, would there be ANY reason at all to invest in a used Variax 700?
  2. I'm interested in this - it seems that one could use the included saddles and the circuit board on just about any 6 screw trem ? I'm looking at the Floyd Rose RAIL TAIL. It's an ingenious design that works with any spaced 6-screw trem by mounting a pivot rail.
  3. I guess it's because we aren't used to thinking about a guitar as something "disposable" - I mean, I fully accept that my laptop will become "obsolete" (okay, it will still be able to be used and still function, but it will probably need to be upgraded at some point) in about 5 years - that is just the lifecycle of that device - the Variax is kind of the same way, I guess. At least with the magnetic pickups, they can still function as an instrument for the rest of your life, really, even if the modeling hardware no longer functions. The old Variaxes didn't have that going for them, although I suppose they could be retrofitted for pickups or as 13 pin Roland GK / piezo system guitars with a change of electronics. As long as Line 6 continues to use piezo bridges and there is a decent sized electronics cavity in the body, you could still make use of the guitar - and updated boards MIGHT be able to be retrofitted into the cavity, depending on if Line 6 offers those kinds of materials to their authorized dealer/repair shops or if you can find "donor" instruments. Bottom line is I guess you just have to enjoy the guitars for what they are and get your joy and use out of them, like someone else said about keyboards. :-)
  4. Yes - good point about the locking nut/tree I didn't think about that end of the trem. It was just a thought. Thanks! -b.
  5. Hello Variaxers, A question about the finish on the JTV-89/89F - How dark is the "blood red" finish - in some pictures it looks very dark, almost like a deep wine color or almost BLACK - and in other pics it looks very bright ad very "red" - can anyone tell me how bright/red it actually is or is it really rather dark? Also, should a JTV-89 neck with the reversed headstock fit on the JTV-89F with no modifications? I mean, they are effectively the same, correct? Just curious - I have a standard, but am thinking of moving to the 89 for the humbuckers and the Floyd - I do NOT play heavy music, but Floyds are smooth and steady, and the standard always feels a bit cheap and stiff in some way. :-( Any info. is helpful. Cheers! -b.
  6. Hello all, Variax Standard (Black) owner here - anyone replaced the tuning machines with a set of locking tuners? Any recommendations for some that are direct replacements (drag-n-drop) that work well? Thx. -b
  7. Yeah, but none of them is a single cutaway "LP" style - it isn't just Line 6, hardly any manufacturers seem to offer a single cut with a trem except PRS, it's like they can't get away from a certain set of "rules" or something.
  8. How about a JTV 59 model with a trem? I don't understand why guitar people are so against single cutaways with a simple tremolo. PRS seems to be the only one to offer such animals. :o Bass sim makes sense as well, so does nylon string and MIDI out through the USB.
  9. Only had my Variax Standard for a day, but had tried one a long, long time ago. My faves are probably the jazzbox sounds.IMO, they are uncanny. Haven't quite got the Rick 12 string sound I was hoping for dialed in...
  10. Yeah, that's what I was wondering - has anyone seen the underside of the standard bridge/tailpiece?
  11. Can the tremolo be replaced with something else if the piezo saddles are kept intact, or are their more electronics built into the actual bridge plate? For example, could a Floyd Rose "Rail Tail" bridge that is made to work with a standard Strat 6-hole mount be fitted to a Variax Standard? Just curious.
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