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  1. I'm considering getting an FBV MKII for my Amplifi TT. I was testing the wah by moving the Position parameter with my left hand as I strummed with my right. There was so much delay with this, that the pedal would be useless if it too reacted as slowly. What am I missing? I'm running the Amplifi app on an Amazon Fire 8HD tablet and everything else works great.
  2. I was just messing about and moving the wah position with my left hand while I was strumming with my right. I noticed that the wah sound did not track my hand movements on the Android. I've been thinking about getting the Line 6 pedal board but if this is the type of performance I would get from the Line 6 pedal board, this would be a waste???
  3. I'm using Amplifi Remote version 2.50.1 and it works great on my Kindle. The only thing I can't figure out is how to save a preset to Favorites??? Any ideas? I haven't updated to the newer version of the Amplifi app on the Kindle because when I download 2.60 from there, it always installs as 2.50. I've tried it a few times... weird right?
  4. I've discovered that the Amplifi TT runs flawlessly with Tracktion and Waveform. I still need to test with Reaper and Studio One. If it runs as good on these DAWs as it does with Tracktion, I'm selling my Steinberg UR22.
  5. So do the Amplifi TT and the Spider V use the same amp, cab and FX models? I realize that the presets are different. Thanks for your help. :)
  6. I logged out and then back in and I still can get Jam Tracks for my Android and Amplifi TT. I just have a small demo group. What am missing? I would assume that clicking on the small cloud icon with a down arrow would download the collection... of Blues for example?? GOT IT!!! - I NEED TO BE MORE PATIENT.
  7. Good advice! I suspect it could very well be an issue with the diagnostic. I wonder why Line 6 wouldn't develop something simple that WORKS... rather than torpedo their own new flagship product??????
  8. No go with my Android 6.0.1 Moto G4 Play - it runs all of my hundreds of other apps without a hitch. When I mount my Dell Inspiron i7 PC running Windows 10 Pro, I get the appropriate notification with options for charge, file transfer, photos, or MIDI. I tried the Developers USB diagnostic option but failed under this setting as well. Big disappointment. I was planning on purchasing tomorrow as it is the last day of the promo for the free Line 6 transmitter so double disappointment... thanks Line 6. Perhaps the diagnostic is not compatible with USB 3.0... I was testing on a USB 3.0 port???
  9. Although I have not tried it, the specs would indicate that this is possible. Almost all the multi-effect units that I have tried can do this. (NEXUS from Digitech - Zoom Edit & Share from ZOOM - Insider from Blackstar - FUSE from Fender - et. al. You just have to go into your DAW and change the audio driver and then connect you monitors to the Amplifi device.
  10. Regarding the Amplifi Remote App... I think it's a shame that the compressor was included with the FX block. I should imagine that most all guitarists would want to run a Compressor AND an effect. Perhaps I'm missing something but ATM it seems like a gross error in the basic configuration of the app. I hope I'm wrong.
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