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  1. ProTools would be a solid choice. If no luck, give Reaper a shot, it's a free completely functional trial, and trial never expires, but actually buying the license is quite cheap. indeed...
  2. I don't think there's such thing as exe GUI, at least not visible on the installer...first off you should see if in your audio devices pod go shows up, and/or if you open up your DAW (for example Reaper) on the audio devices you should find pod go, from there you also open the asio driver tweak panel. of course have your pod go connected.
  3. should be in the "pod go driver" (that is "line6 driver2") package.
  4. DAW is for digital audio workstation and it's just the software you use as a "virtual mixer" to record, play and mix audio (and sometimes video). Examples are Reaper, Logic pro, Pro tools, Cubase and so on... Yes you can play audio with only the pod go but if you haven't already you need to download the asio driver of the pod go. The buffer/latency control is not inside the pod but it's a setting on the asio driver software.
  5. you can use your pod asio driver. if you get latency, it's normal. you can reduce it by going to the line6 asio control panel and reduce the buffer size. the lower the buffer the less delay you get, but it might cause audio artifacts. so try different numbers until you find a good balance. another option would be getting a proper external audio interface, with one or two inputs, where you would plug your main outs from the pod go. doing so you'd most probably get better performances and best experience overall.
  6. oh well... maybe corrupted download? try downloading again and install?
  7. on windows 10, audio control panel, if you double click a device (you should find the pog go) it opens up a window with various tabs, one it's "advanced": in it you find a box like "allow applications to get exclusive access of the device" (sorry but my system is in italian!). Try check and uncheck it and see if it changes something.
  8. cristt

    FRFR speaker

    Uhm technically I think you can, even thought I don't get what type of cable inputs are those two gold adapters, maybe it's like a 3 wires cable. So you should get a shielded cable with a TRS jack (coming from the pod go main out) and then you enter with the 3 wires to your speaker, but I don't know if you need a sort of adapter or something. Btw those are like hi-fi speakers, so they are full range but not really flat sounding studio monitors, so you'll do get a coloration from those.
  9. no problem @knulp! as for the other question, it's kind of strange. Just keep in mind the general rule, that if you put a mono "thing" after a stereo "thing", you'll get a mono signal. So if your fx loop is set stereo, you shouldn't have problems.
  10. yeah I use reaper and I also get that kind of "stand by" mute sound if I use another audio application. but I suspect is more of a windows thing; I have a vague remembering that you can avoid that... in windows there's an option that goes like "allow programs to take control of the audio device" or something... I would give it a shot. Thank you for the asio4all thing advice, didn't know it was old school!
  11. I don't think it's such a problem. If every pedal has stereo ins and outs, just connect a standard mono cable from left out to the left in of the next pedal, and same for right channel. And then back with the y cable from the outs of the last pedal to the fx return of the pod go. Doesn't that make sense?
  12. if you hit "asio configuration" does the asio line6 panel show up? I don't know much what you'd need to solve this, other than the typical shutdown pod go, turn it on again and retry. You may try also with the asio4all generic asio drivers. And maybe download another free/trial daw just to see if it's reaper related problem or indipendant from the software.
  13. Uhm asio drivers are always a little finicky. Seems like the driver is busy by another application, try to kill all the (background) apps thay may be using audio. Are you on windows or mac?
  14. Also, be sure you are in the factory preset folder. Maybe by chance you are browsing the user folder (empty by default).
  15. could be. but if you reassign the exp pedal to a parameter (volume or wah) does it work?
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