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  1. I'm getting no sound in reaper for monitoring or playing back a recorded track, even though the meter is displaying normal input and it shows audio is being recorded. If I switch from the line 6 specified asio driver back to waveout or microsoft sound mapper everything works but there is way more latency. Anyone know whats going on or having the same problem? I went into asio configuration and changed the playback from the pod go to the system speakers but that didn't fix the issue.
  2. I just bought a pod go and was looking at which headphones to buy. Looking at the FAQ it says the headphone impedance output is 63 ohms?? That can't possibly be right can it? The helix floor is 12 ohms. Why is the pod go more than 5 times higher? Using the rule of 8, that would mean you need to use headphones with over 500 ohm load with the entry level pod. Did the FAQ mean we should use headphones with over 63 ohms? I'm really confused.
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