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  1. Not related, but any idea why when I search this site for content I started or posted in, most of the time I get zero results? tg
  2. And we are back - sounds great again, and no idea why. Much less fizz, warmer overdrive. tg
  3. Nope. Played on same equipment 2 times since, but on different presets. Lots if tweaking so sound was alright, but this is entirely a crapshoot. Tried acoustic fully unplugged and it sounds great every time... tg
  4. All, Recently started using Pod Go with Cakewalk by Bandlab and I need to choose a new laptop. For recordings with approximately 4 midi tracks and 4 audio tracks, can you suggest the laptop specs that will make this work well? So far I have had pretty good results for 2-3 audio track recordings up to about 1 minute long using Asus Core i5, 1.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, , and ASIO drivers but this PC is no longer available to me. I have not used any plugins or Midi yet. Can I drop to Core i3 with similar other specs? All suggestions welcome... tg
  5. Thanks silverhead. Not too far from Ontario myself (Montreal)... No luck. Sound continues to be fuzzy with Global EQ turned off. I have also recorded some clips into Audacity, backed up my settings with POD Go Edit, did a factory reset and compared sounds before and after the reset. It seems to me the reset made no difference for 3 tested presets. The sound continues to be lousy - virtually unusable. Tried these same headphones wired into iPhone - no issues, still sound as good as before using Spotify. Something about the Pod Go's interaction with these headphones has changed. I have attached a clip of sound 04B as shipped from Pod Go with my recent settings.04B current oct 26.wav American Fender Strat, Bridge pickup, volume and tones to 10. Is this normal? And it sounds even worse with volume dropped to about 7.
  6. I use the Venue headphones wired with Pod Go, not with Bluetooth. I may have inadvertently messed around with Global EQ, not sure. The 5 superimposed curves are a bit of a mystery to me. Is there a headphone setting I can alter on the Pod Go? I am perplexed that using the GO as the speaker for my DAW gives the expected warm sound, but using the preset and playing live at the same time as the playback - fizzy. tg
  7. Hi all, Using POD Go through Skullcandy Venue headphones, with 3.5mm wire for last several months. Sound is OK, and quite bassy, to be expected. In last 3-4 days, the sound through the headphones has gotten extremely fizzy and just terrible, especially using any overdrive or distortion. If I compare sounds that I am playing live on the guitar with very similar patches coming in through USB and my DAW, the USB sounds from 1 week ago are perfect, warm etc, but the new (live) sound is very fizzy. Any suggestions? tg
  8. Hi all, Lots to update. I now have great results on my desktop PC which has Cakewalk by Bandlab, with all the ASIO choices and excellent, low latency multi-track recording using the In-Out channels you guys mentioned above - thanks! But - this desktop is too close to others in the house not interested in my repeated guitar tracks. For the laptop PC with Audacity - no such luck. It does not find the ASIO drivers, only MME and Wasapi or similar. This is a work laptop for which I am not the Admin. Our work IT administrator allowed the installation of Pod Go Edit, Line 6 ASIO drivers and Audacity. No luck installing Bandlab and Cakewalk. I am very close to getting an additional laptop for music only, and no more worries. tg
  9. Thanks very much. Still no success as I am trying to use Audacity but it seems not to like the ASIO drivers. I can only record a single track.
  10. Using my best Johnny Carson impression..........I did not know that. Great trick - thanks! tg
  11. Responding to my own post - minutes later, I believe the answer is on the left side of pg 36, which shows step-by-step what to do. I believe I was thrown off by the title of that section: Recording a dry DI track, which maybe should have been named: Recording processed and dry DI tracks simultaneously. tg
  12. Hi all, Firstly - this DAW stuff is all new to me so apologies in advance. The POD Go manual on page 35 has a schematic of various wire routings (virtual?) in and out of multiple USB ports and a generally confusing arrangement. Could someone from Line 6 please help me decode this page? For now, I just want to multi-track processed guitar signal generated by the POD Go using Cakewalk by Bandlab or Audacity. I would like to use hardware monitoring for minimal latency, which I understand is one of the features of Pod Go. How many USB cables do I need? Is it not just 1? How to differentiate a USB input from a USB output? Are they not all the same? What is meant by USB 1 and 2? What is meant by USB 1/2? How does one define or assign port numbers to USB plugs on a Windows PC? Are they not all the same? Are the port numbers or routings defined in Windows, or in the DAW? Anything other basic info that is currently clearly over my head - again, sorry (Canadian...) tg
  13. Related question - Trying out Audacity with Pod Go, INput and output devices are set to Pod Go, but Audacity is only picking up my laptop mic, not sounds from the Pod Go. Any ideas? Newbie at DAWs etc. Thanks! tg
  14. New Pod Go owner as of 4 wks. I want to jam with backing tracks and am looking for a good pair of headphones between 200-275 CAD. Open back preferred. Suggested models, impedances?
  15. trainguy

    wah pedal ?

    Will do. Thanks for the help. I am amazed by the Go, especially since trying out directly into a PA. I have not been this excited about electric guitar for many years...
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