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Amplify modeled effects vs actual pedals


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Just curious how the amplifi effects stand up to a dedicated mid-leval pedal. I'll admit I'm too green to be able to hear any difference but I'm curious if any of the more experienced players have thoughts on say The amplifi compressor or chorus or distortion vs say the Boss or similar equivalent dedicated pedal?



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I think you're going to have people reply yes, no and maybe regarding the accuracy of the models to the real thing.   


I've been using modeling for several years, and things got less frustrating for me once I stopped trying to emulate the actual gear being modeled.  Instead, I now start with amps and effects I think I'll like, and learn what the controls do to the sound I'm hearing, the range and types of sounds, and I take notes of my impressions.  Eventually, I'll get through most of the models but I typically find what I like and keep using the same amps and effects until I want to try something different.


That said, I think some of the models are close (e.g., JC-120, Big Muff); some are I'm in the "maybe" camp...but it really doesn't matter to me. YMMV

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