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Workbench Hd Issues - Loading 89 Mags

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Hello All, 


I need some help or direction. Here is what I have done and what I have tried. I have a HD500 and have had it sinde Oct 2010.  I have had very few issues with the unit and/or HDedit.  I have tried 3 different computers with Windows 7 on a desktop, laptop and on a windows tablet with Windows 8 Pro.  I can update the JTV-89 through monkey via my HD500 and it flashes flawlessly or at least I think. I have flashed my JTV now 5 times and each time I get the same results that the flash was successfull.


One other thing I noticed. I tried flashing without the 500 and could never get it to reflash JTV with the Line USB hub with both green lights on each side.  It will always errors.  Not sure of the error code number but I can get it to be successfull via the 500.


Now since the HD500 cannot be a controller/updater for Workbench HD, I know that I need the JTV usb hub attached so I can open Workbench HD. Now before I start I have green lights on both side on all of my Line 6 JTV USB hub. I downloaded the mags bank and opened/loaded it into custom 1.  All looks good so far.  All my 89 mags are back but every model has the 89 Bridge?  When I try to change it back to 89 Neck it looks like it goes but if I re sync that JTV I get really weird model names and the 89 bridge is still attached not the 89 neck.  So, I re-flashed again back to 2.0 and I tried on a single model to tweak it a little and it will do the same thing?


The point of the story is that I cannot use Workbench HD?  I would really like to use Workbench HD and 2.0 and do not want to go back to 1.9 because the models were in custom bank 1. 


Any help would be appreciated.


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