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  1. Yes there is sort of a price drop... I think it's a promo or like everyone else said (it's a 6 + year old product) and getting rid of the old inventory. $75 off of the 500x $105 off of the Pro X
  2. FrozenOzone

    Path B GONE!

    Same here... I have never heard of this happening? Is this happening in the HD edit program or on the device? Is this issue on all patches or just 1? Just gathering information. Also, if you have a screen shot that might help us troubleshoot it better.
  3. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish? Just your guitar with no coloration? With my Variax I don't use an AMP at all when using the Acoustic setting or using my mag pickups for uncolored clean sounds. All I wanted was an uncolored signal and the thing that bugged me was all I needed was a little volume and I was good (Just like you). I tried the Vintage Pre effect (you might want to try it) without an amp but I ultimately started to use the mixer to get me the uncolored volume. I also pan everything center and then raise the mixer level to the correct volume. Don't be afraid to use the mixer volume sliders. Hope this helps.
  4. I didn't think this was a joke thread but here is another idea that I use... I use it for the time but I also use it for patch location for each song plus lyrics if I need them.
  5. I had the pleasure of playing through a Electro-Voice ZLX112P a few months ago that one of my band mates use and I have to say they sound great. Actually I never heard my HD500 sound this good. I have been looking at the powered speaker arena for some time and I don't think you can get much better than the ZLX112P. It has an EQ, DSP, Limiter. I couldn't afford a Stage Source speaker but wanted the bells and whistles it had and the EV fits that bill for 1/2 the price. I think I finally have my Dream Rig without the Stage source speakers for a price you can't beat.
  6. I have sent a few emails directly to L6 asking them to Please, Please, Please fix their website and forum. The announcement for the (X) firmware can be found on the JTV forum? Kind of a weird spot to put it since they are JTV and not PODHD customers. I can actually see announcement being better placed in the PODHD forum but hey I guess I am just a customer so what do I know. Most of this complaining can be corrected with better communication with the community. I can care less about the wait.
  7. IMHO... Line 6 did not communicate this upgrade very well. What is bugging me is when I keep hearing/reading from the experts that you should have known the upgrade path.(X before non X users) Really? What if I don't visit the forums very often? Am I expected to know this right when I start reading the forum? Even if you go to the Line 6 website and click on the 2.6 upgrade it goes to the HD 500X adn ProX webpage. Not the upgrade location.Their web developers are very lazy or nobody is managing this project? Heck they have even announce or sticky the FirehawkFX or what ever it is at the top of this forum along with other old announcements. Maybe they should put something there where you should be looking. And maybe while they are at it fix their website when you click the 2.6 firmware on the front page go to the firmware page or another landing page explaining to the users what is going on? We have 2 PODHD 500's and a POD 500X in my band and neither of my band members go to the forum at all.
  8. Line 6 should have or needs to put "Coming soon" for the 500 and HD pro. I almost bought them last night as well because I noticed that the 500 was listed on the bundle. That's just lazy web programming or line 6 is trying to make a quick buck when the pack isn't available for certain devices.This is easy enough to fix. It's just a web page.
  9. I have a 89 that lights up very bright and visible when I am looking at it. I just purchased a 69 during the winter sale and when I look down at my 69 the light are dim compared to my 89's guitar/tuning knobs. My other guitarist has a 59 and the lights on that one are also dim compared to the 89. I am not too sure but the 59 and 69 must have the same lighting components because compared to the 89 neither light up very well.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I will say that it sucks that Line6 is going to put the 500x first. I guess they have more users than the 500 owners? I hope that the update isn't a month or two past the 500x update.
  11. Do you know the time frame for the update and how much longer after the update will be available for the HD500?
  12. I received my check a few weeks ago. It did take about 8 weeks to receive it.
  13. I was contacted as well. As stumblinman said they send the checks out in batches. The Line 6 rep said it it could take up to the full 8 weeks to receive your check.
  14. I sent an email to the same email address a couple of days ago. No response yet? I hope this isn't a black hole email address that no one looks at on a regular basis.
  15. I was wondering the same thing too... I sent mine off at the end of October and I have yet to receive any emails. I am going to have to look at the rebate PDF but I don't remember seeing any website or phone numbers on the rebate form. What worries me is that they "L6" has you cut the serial number off of the box so if there was an issue you can't even prove that you sent it in. I have filled out numerous rebate forms over the past few years and this one was the only one in recent years that the form wasn't submitted online first and then you send in the rest of the required forms. What worries me is that BigBob-Irwin bought a 59 in December and is already getting an email. Does any one know who we can call to see where my rebate is sitting?
  16. I looked my 69 over tonight and didn't find any cracks in the neck or anywhere. I would RMA it back to MF and get another one. I did however find what I think what you have pictured in the 3rd picture from the left. It looks like the nut is small and doesn't go all the way to the edge of the fret board. Maybe this was the fix for the strings from falling off the fret board? I'm not sure. I have already had the high E fall off the fret board while playing chords close to the nut.
  17. Hi Brendonc, I just picked up a 69 from Musicians Friend for the $799.00 and there were a few cosmetic issues with the paint job but I think that was due to how long they had the guitars sitting in the warehouse. I am sure they moved all over the warehouse over the past few years before I bought it. They look more like rub marks. I will have to check my fret ware and for cracks but I doubt that I have cracked paint or a cracked neck. I thought I gave it a good once over but I can miss things. I will have to check it out when I get home. As for the JTV being old yes they are (mine is a W1203) but I believe they are the same guitars as the ones they are producing now. Unless there is something I missed? Bummer that you got a dud but they were NEW guitars and not used so, they (Line6) should be able to fix you up. I highly doubt that they will give you a 2013 or 2014 made guitar. They will more than likely fix what you currently have if possible. Good luck.
  18. I have an 89 and I have never experienced what you are describing? I'm not sure what firmware you are running but you should be at 2.10. Are you running through a POD HD? Did you go directly from 2.0 firmware directly to 2.10? If so I would suggest to roll back to the 1.90 and then go directly to 2.10. I had a lot of issues going to 2.0 and so I would avoid loading it if possible. I would think a re-flash would fix the above issue if not, then are using a POD? If so, I would start looking in the mixer area of HD500(x)EDIT and make sure nothing is forced.
  19. Thanks for the off topic exploration... It benefited Line 6 because I went out and got the 69 due to one of your posts. I love my 89 so I hope this one plays just as good.
  20. Pretty cool idea. I am not too sure if I could ever use it unless I was sitting on the floor tweaking my presets. I would put your idea on the idea scale website and see if you can get it voted up for consideration.
  21. I totally agree. I have been using multieffects since the late 80's as well. All of my previous multieffect units have had this same issue with volume leveling. It would be nice to not have to worry about this but it's the nature of the beast with most multieffect units.
  22. I am the same as you pfsmith0. I have only been using the XLR left out to the board and like you everything centered and not any issues. Now if I plug in my 1/4 to the board I will get the nasty fuzz sound on all my patches and that is why I have stayed with the XLR out instead of 1/4. I am in over 4 years with this setup and has never let me down. To add, my setup is not typical and I have 2 paths setup one for guitar and the other for Mic/vocals and I have both paths centered in the mixer. Yes, all my sounds are going out the left XLR. (Guitar and Vocals) Also, as long as you have the mixer panned center and the mixer at the end of the signal chain you should be good to go and IMHO is a full mono signal. just my 2 cents.....
  23. I have been down tuning my variax to Eb since I got it. I have never had to move the capo or do much other than have to set my guitar up again. I think Charlie_Watt is correct in his logic.
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