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External looper - in Fx loop or after main outs?


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I've currently got my looper in FX loop 3/4 along with a BeatBuddy, but I'm thinking it'd be just as easy to put them after the main 1/4" outs and save the FX loop in case I add other stuff. Also, it saves needing a send return block at the end of all the patches.  Is there any particular reason that might cause a problem?  I can't think of anything but a second opinion is always good.



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It won't cause any problem and it is equivalent to having the Send/Return block at the end of the signal chain (assuming you match the Helix output signal level with the proper Send level for your external looper).


The only drawback is that you lose the flexibility to position your external looper anywhere in the signal chain, so that it records the signal from some intermediate point in the processing. But if you never want to do that then it's not a drawback.

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